Friday, June 03, 2005

John Waite

Jonesy had a dream last night that he was smoking cigarettes
again. It freaked him out. Mr. Shovel, doing an iffy Freud
impersonation, (***"What are you, Dr. Strangelove?",****** sez
Jonesy******), *** questions the meaning of the dream. He suggests
that Dr. Freud would say the cigarettes are a stand-in for another
similiarly shaped object. "Are you being offensive?" sez Jonesy.

Guest: John Waite

John has just moved to Santa Monica from NY and has a new album
coming out. Jonesy, John and John's guitar player Jimmy do
in-studio versions of "Dock of The Bay", "The Young Ones" and
"Missing You." We learn that after the Professionals tour of
America, their bodyguard threatened to kill Jonesy, so Jonesy
stayed in New York-for a couple years!

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