Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Paul Cook

Guest: Paul Cook. Played the "clean" version of/ Friggin In The
Riggin/ &/ Silly Thing/ in-studio. They bantered back and forth
about who did the better recordered version of /Silly Thing./ Paul
is in L.A. for ten days. Steve kidded him about how miserable
London is & how Paul lives only a few doors down from where he
grew up. Steve and Paul have been friends since they were 10. They
used to pass each other on the street walking to different
schools. (Paul was in the "smart "class, Steve was in the "dunce"
class.)There will be a celebrity-studded 50th birthday party for
Jonesy this weekend at a secret location. Chrissie Hynde will be
there, and (maybe) John Lydon?? Steve and Paul talked about the
alleged fight in a UK passport office twixt John and Jimmy Pursey
(Sham 69) Paul recorded some songs with Phil Collen from Def
Leppard, and has also produced a few young bands recently - the
**Rifles and Le Scenes.

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