Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Jonesy might auction off the Ziploc baggie he uses to keep the
screen for his microphone clean. He's been using the same baggie
so long, it getting kinda dirty itself. He also uses the same pot
scrubbers and dish towels too long "when you could just go out and
buy 10 new ones for $1." "You need a woman." sighs Mr. S. Jonesy
acts like he didn't hear that "What?" "Well, see, that's why you
need a woman to tell you to go out and buy new pot scrubbers."
"I've been getting in touch with my feminine side," Jonesy adds.
"Well, that's another subject entirely," sez Mr.S.

Guests: MC5. Talked about meeting Sun Ra, how corporate radio is
like McDonalds and how the Creation used to have a midget with a
tommy gun come out of the drumkit at the end of their set. Played
"American Ruse" and "Shakin' Street" in-studio. They are playing
at Royce Hall Saturday night with the Sun Ra Orchestra & at Amoeba
Friday night. **MC5*

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