Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Guests: Bobby Gillespie, Mani and Barrie Coddigan

Primal Scream

and guinea pig Gary is back !!!

MySpace ( "Top 8" )
Fox Hunting
David Cassidy
Drumming w. JAMC
New Record
Gary; doing the time in London and LA
Phil Lynott
Iggy Pop ( "Cold Metal" )
Abba/ Agnaetha (sp?)
James Gang
"Brother Wayne Kramer"; who Steve forgot was on the show in 2005
and way more.

Swear Count;
Fuk5 5@ke: 1
B@5T@rd5: 2

( Someone sent me the file of Steve playing with Primal Scream @ HOB, so i will put that up.Whoever you are Thanks !!! )

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