Thursday, October 09, 2008

Jury: 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans

From Begleys latest blog;

Should be an exciting show today. We have two right wingers and two leftys to duke it out. Hopefully Jonesy can keep the peace!

Here are your panelists:

Charles Moran: President of the Los Angeles chapter of Log Cabin Republicans
Carol Liebau: Republican political analyst, commentator, and author
Joe Sabia: founder of and creator of various political viral videos on the internet
Joe Donnelly: Political columnist for L.A. Weekly"

However from the emails and comments that i have had i do not know if i can be bothered to listen to an idiot ranting. Sounds as if it was pretty bad. ( maybe that is why she has "lie" in her name )

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jeez Carol I should call you out on your grandstanding. You just would not shut the F up enough to hear anyone else.

Please "For the love of GOD" keep me from calling you Dennis Hopper in the Twilight Zone.

Let your enemies get a edge in once in a while. You know that the one shouts the loudest is OFTEN not heard.

After the first 13 minutes my ears hurt because Carol was F'n annoying!