Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lemmy had made it in

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

There were some pictures here but they seem to have been removed from twitpic. Tedd ????


Rollins-Archive said...

Did someone tell Steve Jones already? It doesn't look like he showed up. Or maybe he did and is keeping a low profile?

Stuart said...

At the end o9f the morning show at 10 am there were a lot of DJs in the studio and i think Shovel joked that Steve was slowly driving in in his prius. Looks like everyone was alerted and tried to get in if they wanted to.

denver said...

Oh my God this is sad. I may have to leave L.A. now. The best reason for living here (Jonesy's Jukebox) is gone. I'm still in shock.

Stuart said...

I think Steve will find another home as well as Rollins show but probably at a lesser frequency.