Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 8th Playlist

"That was Volbeat my new favorite band whos singer dont know who i am"
"To all you lovely mothers out there who gave birth to all those horrible kids"
"My lifes better without her in it, ... on a cheerier note"
"How about them Lakers"
"My soccer team lost today"
"My name is Steve Jones i was the guitar player in the Sex Pistols and im a visionaire"
"Give your eyes a rest do your ears a favor listen to the walking entertainment center"
"Thats how you spell it , that looks weird"
"Theres another bloke called Steve Jones who is going to be on X Factor"
"Its another bloke who knows nothing about music but has great abs"
"in block , in commas what do you call them things` "parentheses" "yeah commas "
"Thats very KROQ sounding that track, dont you think"
"This is Steve Jones without the abs"
"Here you go theres a marble"
"Anything that comes out my mouth aint useless, thats the other Steve with the abs"
"I just have one big ab, its a one pack"
"It looks like angles"
"Sorry for repeating myself it must be my dementia"
"Were going to play Wire, i love this song"
"You are earwigging to Jonesys Jukebox"
"I dont expect that to be on the KROQ playlist anyime soon"
"piespace" "Friendster" "us mail " "smoke signals" "pigeons"
Danzig – Mother (American Recordings)
Volbeat – 16 Dollars (Mascot)
Andy Clockwise – Let Them Eat Cake, To Many Fatties On The Dancefloor (PID)
Smoking Popes – Diary Of A Teen Tragedy (Asian Man Records)
The Death Set – Can You Seen Straight? (Counter Records)
Wombats – Last Night I Dreamt (Bright Antenna)
Sleeper Agent – Proper Taste (Mom + Pop)
Taking Back Sunday – Faith (When I Let You Down) (Warner Brothers)
Okkervill River – White Shadow Waltz (Jagjaguwar)
Royal Bangs – Bad News, Strange Luck (Glassnote)
The Antlers – No Widows (Frenchkiss)
Cat’s Eyes – I Knew It Was Over (V2)
The Fling – Wanderingfoot (Dangerbird)
Lake – One Small Step (K Records)
TV On The Radio – Repetition (DGC Records)
Givers – Up Up Up (Glassnote)
The Postelles – She She (+1 Records)
The Strokes – Two Kinds Of Happiness (RCA)
The Heavenly States – Oui Camera Oui (Love Brand Music)
Wire – Adapt (Pink Flag)
Genuflex – Soul Love (Manimal Vinyl Records)
The Duke Spirit – Homecoming (Shangri-La Music)
Sam Roberts Band – Without A Map (Rounder / UMGD)
The One AM Radio – In A City Without Seasons (Dangerbird)
Outasight – Figure 8 (Warner Brothers)
James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream (Polydor)
Silversun Pickups – Growing Old Is Getting Old (Dangerbird)

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