Monday, June 20, 2011

June 19th Playlist

"its good to be heard and not seen, i can be as fat as i want and no one give s a hootenanny. Until i see a picture of myself and then im like "What happened ?" "
"You know what the answer is when you cant do your laces, you get shoes without laces, slip ons. Im just a fat American"
"You are listening to the lovely,wonderful,gorgeous Jonesys Jukebox on the lovely,wonderful,gorgeous KROQ"
"Theres Too many fat Jonesys on the dance floor"
"Thats the Australian little cuddly things?. You know they stink"
"Maybe that was just a tramp one"
"Thats to all the car crashes thats happened today in Los Angeles and im sure there are a few"
"Do you know what treacle is? "
"It was absolutely fandabbydozi"
"Im a bounder for adventure but i do like a little backup"
"you know i really wish i had studied when i was a kid, but i just sat at the back and daydreamed about being in a rock and roll band and never bothered to learn a thing"
( I cant even write down how he mispronounced Foals. Like Fowls)
"Steve Dorian Gray Jones"
"Im from another galaxy"
"Maybe cults are many horses"
"I insist you listen to Jonesys Jukebox"
"Im just painting a picture"
"I like keeping my natural oils on me"
"Not a bad version, Well Done Girls,. I dont think your Dum Dum at all"
"Sleepy Sun . Loved that song . It was like that Kansas song. About 12 different parts , a good one if youve got the bong out" "Carry on wayward son?" "Thats the one"
"Although im not accepting blokes just birds right now,too many blokes. But i tell you what fellas you can friend me on MySpace"
Fitz and the Tantrums – Don’t Gotta Work It Out (Dangerbir
Sleeper Agent – Get It Daddy (Mom + Pop)
Andy Clockwise – Let Them Eat Cake, To Many Fatties On The Dancefloor (PID)
Le Butcherettes – Henry Don’t Got Love (Rodriguez Lopez Productions)
Miles Kane – Quicksand (Sony Music Entertainment)
Wombats – Last Night I Dreamt (Bright Antenna)
Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know (Glassnote)
Telekinesis – Car Crash (Merge)
Arctic Monkeys – Black Treacle (Domino)
Sam Roberts Band – Without A Map (Rounder / UMGD)
Okkervil River – White Shadow Waltz (Jagjaguwar)
Royal Bangs – Back When It Was Different (Glassnote)
The Chapel Club – Surfacing (Polydor UK)
TV On The Radio – Will Do (DGC Records)
Airborne Toxic Event – Numb (Majordomo Records)
Foals – Black And Gold (Sub Pop)
Death Cab For Cutie – Codes And Keys Morning (Atlantic Records)
Best Coast – Over The Ocean [itunes Session] (Mexican Summer)
Cults – Abducted (ITNO/Columbia)
Sleepy Sun – Toys (ATP Recordings)
Warpaint – Shadows (Rough Trade)
Dum Dum Girls – There’s A Light That Never Goes Out (Sub Pop)
Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi – Season’s Trees (Capitol)

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