Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Guests: April 26th 2016 Tony Visconti & Holy Holy


Tony Visconti & Woody Woodmansey

Another great historical show as well.

"I dont know if im meditating of having a nap"
Steve makes amends for his earlier life. Tonys Studio. Paul Raymond.
Stars sneaking back in to UK to finish records. Thin Lizzy, Marc Bolan/T-Rex etc
Old London shops ; "Lower division glam stuff"
Last night at Hammersmith, Bowie saying "Thats it"
- Salary differences
Tony De Fries
Bowie as Ziggy ; "he was sat in the limousine as Ziggy"
" ... and some burds" "...they were just a bit older when i got hold of them"
mistake on Jean Genie . bass goes into chorus too early "we do that when we play it live"
no click tracks
"She was probably the first one who encouraged his ideas"
"I know she was a good person for him in the beginning"
Tony "I didnt know this ,he ( Woody) played with Mick Ronson on Hunky Dory"
Steve asks about his guitar hero Mick Ronson.
Woody "He played recorder, violin and piano. we didnt know that. It wasn't the thing in Hull"
"they have never offered to do an extra one"
"Its been a pleasure and thanks for the 200"

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