Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Guest: August 2nd 2016 Michael Franti + Spearhead

Michael Franti + Spearhead

Steve "I'm good for a week then i start getting funky"

"jasmine boogie"

Steve "I like it when people can jam, just acoustics. Theres a bunch of bands we've tried to get on here.We say do you want to jam ? no we cant jam."

Steve "The good thing that i did was i did a lot of speed. I couldnt play , i literally couldnt play and i got slung on to the guitar. You cnt sing get onto the guitar.So i went to this doctor and he gave me these little black beauties which gave me a lot of attention and i just kind of figured it out. I was literally only playing three months before we did our first show. And i barely knew anything ."
Shovel " Which by the way we're not endorsing"

Live Songs
"Good To Be Alive Today"
"Still Standing"

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