Wednesday, January 11, 2017

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Backspin: Steve Jones on the 40th Anniversary of Punk and Whether the Sex Pistols ‘Could’ve Ended Up Like U2’

Nowadays, you’ll find the non-spiky Jones on Los Angeles radio station KLOS, hosting the wildly popular and wildly genre-hopping afternoon show Jonesy’s Jukebox and playing a little bit of everything. “I think you just like what [music] you like, regardless of what you think people think you should like. I used to listen to Boston and Journey when the Sex Pistols was going on,” Jones confesses, further recalling listening to “Don’t Stop Believin’” on a Walkman on the Professionals’ tour bus back in the day. “That wasn’t something you could really talk about then — or I didn’t feel like I should open me mouth about it. But now I don’t care. … I like all kinds of music. I still like Boston and Journey. I like a lot of Tamla Motown. I like a lot of early reggae — ‘60s and ‘70s reggae. I like a lot of classic rock. The least thing I listen to is punk.”

( Jan 11 2005 was the first big Boston / Journey show :) )

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