Friday, September 03, 2004

Happy Birthday 49

Happy Birthday, Steve! 49 today. Some girls from the
Spanish stations next door came in to sing Happy Birthday to
Steve in espanol, then Mr. Shovel presented him with an
orange satin turban, cape and scepter. (But where's the
spaceship?) Some listeners came in to interview him,
including a girl who sets appointments for an escort service
and a fellow from some weird outer space type cult group,
not quite sure what that was. At the end the Indie staff
came in to sing him Happy Birthday.

Songs Included:
George Formby-Leaning On A Lampost
Nigel Olson-A Little Bit Of Soap
Johnny Nash-Cupid
Blue Cheer-Summertime Blues
Roxy Music-Slave To Love
New York Dolls-Subway Train

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