Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Super Size Me

Steve watched /Super Size Me/ last night, liked it. Sez he
could live on on pie and mash for a month. He advises
'moderation is the key in every area" , despite being an
"all or nothing" type himself.

Songs included:
Que Lazarus-Good-bye, Horses
Something For Rockets-Might As Well
Pony Club-One of a Million
David Bowie-Don't Bring Me Down
Gene PItney-Town Without Pity
Chemical Brothers-Out Of Control
Upsetters-Return of the Jango
Oasis-Champagne Supernova
XTC-Stupidly Happy
Jola Landis-Moonlight Lover
The Shore-Hard Road
Manic Street Preachers- Out of Time

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