Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Michael Des Barres

Steve and guest Michael Des Barres Michael Des Barres website
consoled Mr. Shovel about
the election results. "You have to take care of your side of the
street," said Jonesy. "Don't take it so hard." Michael talked
about appearing in "To Sir With Love" with Lulu and Sidney
Poitier, as well as a all-nude musical "The Dirtiest Show In
Town." (He played an androgynous rock star.)" It was a huge role,"
said Michael. "Did it shrivel?" Jonesy asked. "Stop it, Jonesy,"
Michael replied. Sting "has millions and millions of dollars "but
he's still bald."
Glenn Tilbrook was the guest for the second hour, and he played a
few songs in the studio.

Songs included:
Keith Richard-Take It So Hard
David Bowie-Five Years
Silverhead-More Than Your Mouth Can Hold ("Disguisting!" Steve
Lulu-To Sir With Love
Eno-Needle in Camel's Eye

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