Monday, November 08, 2004

Steve lost $400 playing blackjack at the Sex Pistols table at the
Hard Rock in Vegas over the weekend. The dealer had no idea who he
was. "I listen to jazz,"she said. He was in Vegas to play with
Camp Freddy to celebrate the opening of the Chromehearts store at
the Hard Rock

Sweet Leaf-Black Sabbath
Blues Explosion-Burn It Off
Fu Manchu-Written In Stone
David Bowie-Soul Love
Status Quo-Roll Over, Lay Down
Sharks-Driving Sideways
Creation-Through My Eyes
The Dears-Lost In The Plot
The Wombles-Remember You're A Womble
(The Wombles were England's version of the Banana Splits-a buncha
teddy bear type characters playing guitar.)
Wombles Official Website

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