Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Jonesy has evolved, he says, and is no longer that interested in
sex, he sez,cuz in the past he had lots of meaningless sex and can
now view it as a humorous thing. However, Mr. Shovel is still his
"honey." "I'm circumcised," Jonesy tells him. :Why do people have
sex? Steve asks,"Got to be for that last 4 seconds. Why else would
you do it. I mean, maybe not for birds, but for blokes.."

J. Geils Band-First I Look At The Purse
David Bowie-Diamond Dogs
Shadows-Beautiful Land
Ten Years After-Goin Home
Van Halen-Dead Or Alive
Heavy Metal Kids-Hangin' On
Arthur & The Johnsons-There's Someone

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