Friday, May 06, 2005

Malcolm McLaren

Guest:Malcolm McLaren. Steve and Malcolm see each other for the
first time in 10 years. "Where's my money?" sez Steve as his
opening shot. Jonesy and Malcolm had a good time during the
interview w/ both of 'em laughing a lot, esp. Malcolm with that
jovial/creepy laugh of his. Malcolm told a story about how invited
John to audition for the Pistols. Vivenne (Westwood) told Malcolm
"There's this really handsome bloke named John who hangs out at
the shop. You should get him to be the singer." So, Malcolm
auditions John (you know the story, John sings "I'm 18" in front
of the jukebox at the Roebuck Pub.) and he's in the band. When
Malcolm sees Vivenne again, she goes "No!!! That was the wrong
John!!" The John she was referring to was John Simon Ritchie (Sid
Vicious). "You're going to have trouble with that one!" predicted
Vivenne. Malcolm played songs by some of his current "bands."
Chinese all-girl band called Wild Strawberries and a "hacker" song
(sound provided via old computers) by a guy from Chicago that was
pretty good. He is also producing the film version of "Fast Food

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