Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Billy Corgan

Guest: Billy Corgan. Billy diagnosed the cause of Jonesy's itchy
legs-mites!! "I had mites twice," sez Billy, "happens from
sleeping in bad hotels and on strange girls' floors." Jonesy
swears he's done neither lately. Lotsa talk about past lives,
religion, the Bible, death, flying, Chicago, scientists,
holograms, girls with bubble butts, etc. Jonesy wants to retire to
his own island with a Polynesian girl, ala Marlon Brando. Jonesy
got laid a lot in the '80s when he had long hair and rode a
motorcycle. Billy mentioned the book /Holographic Universe/ by
Michael Talbot (Link:***Holographic Universe

played "Now (& Then)" from his new CD "The Future Embrace" on
acoustic guitar in the studio. "Sounds like America!" sez Jonesy.
"That's not good," sez Billy. "No,no!" Jonesy backtracks, "I mean
Bread." "That's even worse!!" sez Billy. Billy's favorite guitar
players are Eddie Van Halen and Tony Iommi. Today is Mr. Shovel's
42nd birthday!!!

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