Monday, July 11, 2005

Steve finally confronted his neighbor who plays the loud,
excessive sub-woofer music. He'd previously delivered a letter to
their house (how polite!!), but over the weekend he walked over
the house (through the bushes!!) The neighbor sees him, goes "Oh,
it's you" and said he'd tone down the music. Steve is the
"quietest" neighbor one could have. Near the end of the show,
Steve suddenly developed a case of itchy legs and people called in
to diagnose the cause. (Was it a delayed reaction to bugs in the
bushes or were their mosquitoes in the studio?)

Songs included:

Black Brothers-Give Me Love
UFO-Lights Out
Jam-English Rose
Bad Brains-Banned in DC
Bernard Cribbins-Gossip Calypso

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