Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Guest: Marco Pirroni

"I have something for you Los Angeles"

Funny show . I wonder what anyone non-british got from the show in Los Angeles.
Gary Glitter, Myra Hyndley, Harold Shipman, etc, etc

"Thats why i get the big bucks"

"Lets play your two bob song"

"Gary and the ants"

"I am here with Marco pirroni, the original guitarist from some band from the 80s i suppose"

"I am going to have one in a minute after seeing you of course"

"The Likeables, The likely lads, The populars" . "The new populars"

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Jude Folly said...

myra hindley was one of the perps in the moors murders back in the early '60s, no? ghastly happenings at the time, but vanilla compared to today's atrocities