Monday, July 21, 2008

Live from London : Mon-> Wed

.. and he got a haircut.
3 stripes Gary is back + others.
This turned into a Jukebox Jury show on old songs


tom said...

wow, need a songlist from today badly. he is playing some cool "S". can anybody post is 7/21

Stuart said...

So far;
supremes : where did our love go. German version

The Katzenjammers: Cars ( Gary Numan)
( tom middleton cd )

Alvin Stardust: The Green Cross Code

Mashup : Stones temptations :

mashup : nirvana and sweeney soundtrack ( Go Home production )

Meco Star wars theme

Noel Coward " Dont be beastly to the Hun"

Rah Band "The Crunch"