Friday, October 08, 2010

Kevin & Bean

Beans Tweets
Excited for 4 guests on #KROQ tomorrow morning: @AndrewSiciliano, @JonesysJukebox, @moviefone & @adamcarolla! I know, right?
I'm a little giddy to have @jonesysjukebox in the @kevinandbean studio right now. Rock and roll legend. His new show starts on #KROQ Sunday

on kevin n' bean at 7 ish to plug zee box!

I bow down to this site( ) and its cataloging K&B. Audio with Steve is there. LINK

Interview on KROQ site LINK


Aaron said...

Never thought I'd have a reason to listen to KROQ for music again...they stopped playing good music 20 years ago (with the exception of Rodney)...but have missed Jonesy so much that might have to change now (notice how KROQ relegates both of them to Sunday evenings). Funny as I remember a few times Jonesy knocking KROQ when on Indie for their corporate ass-kissing. But oh well, at least he's back.

Stuart said...

Remember though that Indie was doing the same thing to all the speciality shows moving them all to the weekends. Steve was about the only one left during the week .It is going to be interesting to see what happens. He has a tendency to forget that other people can hear him when he speaks about them on the radio. Anyway hes back on terrestrial radio with Shovel.