Saturday, October 09, 2010


Jonesys Jukebox returns in ;

NB KROQ does not stream outside of the USA.


Marie said...

It's great to hear Jonsey back on the air. I am shocked frankly that he is on KROQ of all places.

I do miss, though, the wider mix of music. Indie's show was the most eclectic, yet listenable, show ever. This show is a good new music showcase, but not quite the same. Also sounds pre-recorded. I liked the guests, babbling, random comments on the old very much LIVE show. Anyway, my complaining I guess shows how high expectations are for Jonesy, and how much we miss his old show. Keep on rockin' Jonsey.

Stuart said...

I am sure it was live.
Shovel posted on Facebook "Mark Sovel Rodney is a champ. He was hanging in the studio all evening."
First night nerves

Stuart said...

.. and then in the LA weekly story a week later they said it was pre-recorded . ????