Monday, November 29, 2010

Nov 28 playlist

"Vision On" Gallery music returns
"We'll have sex pistols everything soon"
"When you get older different scents arise"
"Different odors come out of your granny"
"so basically this is payola happening on the air"
"King of the toad" ( def. Toad )
"all that great stuff to look forward to when you get older"
"you know what Shovel youve got a dirty mind"
"I played two tracks from him last week and they were both the wrong track"
"or a pig hoof"
"Dont panic. Something heavier will be coming after"
"they do a cover version of .. i dont know its dark in here i cant read it"
"400 pounds of love coming at you"
"Mr Shovel told me to talk because he is panicking"
"that was my nose, it wasnt a kick drum. Do you want to hear it again ?"
"I think they are from America somewhere"
"Im going to go off into the night Dick Turpin style"
Arctic Monkeys — 505
Crocodiles — Mirrors
Surfer Blood — Take It Easy
Shadow Shadow Shade — Say Yes
Wavves — When Will You Come?
Widows Peak — Night Crawlers
The Concretes – Good Evening
Hollerado — Juliette
White Lies — Bigger Than Us
Jim Noir — Car
The Doves — Pounding
Deerhoof — Secret Mobilization
The Section Quartet — No One Knows
Queens Of The Stone Age — Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret
Black Angels — Bad Vibrations
Masters Of Reality — King Richard TLH
Sweaters — Like You’re Killing A Man
Ra Ra Riot — Boy
Blonde Redhead — Love Or Prison (Kastelette mix)
Silver Club — All In All
Bleu — Dead In The Mornin’
Wolf Gang — Lions In Cages

Also Steve reports from the LA Auto show.

p.s. You can get the Jim Noir song from him for free !!;no need to "borrow" it from soundcloud

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Larissa said...

"Car" is my Swell Tune of the Day:
Sounds like Flight of the Conchords penning Lyrics for Strawberry Alarm Clock.