Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Guest : March 2nd 2016 Lita Ford

Guest March 2nd Lita Ford

Lita was a great guest

Turks and Caicos, Paul Cook Apprenticeship, Mick Jones, Auditioning , Lita's guitar , Lita's Book , Steve's Book ( Almost finished ) , "Talking about sex ... "

"riffy songs" , "I think she just liked glitter rock, she really like Suzi Quattro"

"Do you guys still speak ?" "A little bit"

"I read the script"
"I havent seen the film"

"its not the reunion.. the graduation "

"So Paul Cook , the drummer from the Sex Pistols .... "

Steve "You dont want to see him now" :)

Steve "he has a big one Paul" "Oh" "Dont you remember" "I dont remember" "Ive seen it, not in that way "I had a picture of it"

Shovel was having a slight fit in the background :)
Steve "I got 'schvvvvvd' "
.. and then back to the Disney tickets.

"A four pack , thats you and three other people"

"It was me and Cameron Diaz .... She was like lets get on the roller coaster lets sit at the front"

mile high club story from Steve "no idea about Airline , i was probably drunk"

Litas 16th Birthday Party; First guitar, guitar heroes.

Jeff Beck string bending technique chat

Rodneys English Disco

Steves story re Joan that Lita doesnt know :)
Lita "You might be the only one"

Runaways stories

"So long as you're a team when you hit that stage"

"That actress... Suzanne Somers"

Duet with Ozzy. "We started doing other stuff and stayed up all night"

Finished with Steve and Pauls song done by the Runaways "Black Leather"

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