Friday, March 11, 2016

Guests: March 11th : Iggy Pop and Josh Homme

Steve didnt even slip up and say who they were going to be at the end of Thursdays show.

Its Iggy Pop and Josh Homme

Another excellent show

James was on the old show twice; July 8th 2005 and, with the Stooges, March 16 2007
Josh was on the old show October 20th 2008 .

Bee chat

Shovel "Local honey is that a venacular.. "

"not get rid of them .. relocate them "

Ant chat

"them little sods"

"Did you ever cross paths with the Tubes ?"
Iggy "... i wore a little bikini brief on the stage ... no one ever gave me a bj"

Iggy "The one you are with demands a new kitchen"

just loads of great stuff grab the audio and listen.

Get Iggy his Caesars Residency !!!

Steve "Billy Idols doing a residency"
Iggy "Bastard"
Josh "I would love that Elvising your life"

Josh "You do Cedars , ill do Caesars"

Iggy " they called it indecent exposure" "in 1969"
In State prison "i was wearing leatherette low cut bell bottoms"

Josh "People think they can call you on your phone and you have to answer your goddam phone"

Iggy "This is really good maybe we shouldnt put it out . Im just tired of being ignored and criticised"

Talk about making of Funhouse "right at the heart of Hollywood"

Iggy "Thats where i bought my first dog collar. I thought i would look cool in that"
Iggy "I would cough and cough then smoke marijuana till i could breath"

Iggy "Andy Warhol came down one day and said 'my you swim well' "

Iggy "most days i took a little LSD to bounce ones self up , as one does"

Accent chat

Steve "I never left to get rid of the tax man, i left to get rid of the heroin"

Iggy ( on Bowie producing/recording earlier albums ) "the feeling was we are going in to the field to record this strange creature"

Iggy "come to think of it Lou was staying over at Blakes as i was trying to write Raw Power"

Iggy " I went crazy trying to capture a sound that was in my head"

Iggy "they just sent it off to someone in the classical department to master. The mastering was inadequate"

Iggy "You feel this volga boatman vibe"

Iggy "You can get a sausage." "You dont need a fancy licence to sell a beer"

Two excited kids

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