Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Guest: Dec 13th 2017 Next 2 Rock winner : Ivory Black

Next 2 Rock Winner
Ivory Black

Steve "I liked your first song, i wasnt too sure about your second song"

Live Song:
"Tidal Wave"

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Guests: Dec 7th 2017 Hanson


They were on the original show ( a jury version no less ) June 22 2007

Fun show


Steve "..and you're all the same three brothers"

"Hanson is like climate change its very polarising" Bleep
Steve "Who would have thought ... "

"Manson .. Hanson"

Steve "I sense he's going to swear again. Get your finger on the button"

Steve "Its like a regular item with sleigh bells"

"Merry-lin Hanson"

Steve "I've got some friends who wait to see what i give them .."

"This is what we do , we should be ready"

Steve "How many people percentage do you think are tone deaf"
a Hanson "People feel the desire to sing along"
"Its not true in the Phillipines"
"you can't beat someone into having good pitch"

"he's an unsinger"

"They've got to be billionaires" "if they are not they must have spent a lot"

Steve "What do you think about bitcoin?"

"You're going to play with me"
Steve "'scuse me"

Steve "Thats the one who swore earlier"

"Do you get back to the UK much"
Steve "Not if it can help it. 2008 was the last time"

Live Songs:
"Blue Christmas" (Acoustic) 1st time
"Thinking 'Bout Somethin' "
"Hold On I'm Coming" w. Steve

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Guests: Dec 1st 2017 Dandy Warhols

Dandy Warhols

Previously; August 16th 2006 , Oct 2nd 2008

Very good show.

"Nobody ever honks their horn in Portland"

"One Year Without a Tour Bus"

"When you sign in do you come up with assumed names"
"Yes, Steve Jones"

"I get on youtube if i want to fix the garage door"

Hot Water Bottle Chat
"It leaks, not me"

"I want a laminate with my face on it, i want to go on the roof"

Live Songs:
"Holding Me Up" ( " 'olding me up " )
"The Last Time" Stones cover

Guest Nov 30 Jesse Jo Stark

Jesse Jo Stark