Monday, May 07, 2018

Guests 7th May 2017 Royston Langdon , Jeff Slate

Royston Langdon
Live Song:
"Leave The Dishes"

Jeff Slate
Live Song:
"Lucky Day Sunset"

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Guest 24th April 2018 Paul Cook

Sir Paul Thomas Cook

Always great

"Roughly sixty"

"Thats in the second book where i just let everybody have it"

Friday, April 13, 2018

Guest April 20th Derek Smalls

Derek Smalls

Guest April 19th Starcrawler


( Steve looking like the bands dodgy manager from a '70's movie )

Guest April 18th John Cooper Clarke

John Cooper Clarke

Another good one.

Guest April 17th Yoshiki

Yoshiki from X Japan

Guest April 16th E from The Eels


He's Back ( .. and he was great . I have no idea what the KLOS audience thinks of shows like this one)

( 5th(?) Appearance, but first on KLOS and first in almost 10 years )

"Archie the Eel"

"Do you know Kenny Everest?"

"That's Everest"

"We've got a couple of authorities here talking about mountains"

"I'm just glad to talk about mountains and my urination habits"

"Its not like a book of toilet rhymes"

"What !!, i'm in a delightful mood"

E tried to get Steve Perry to burst in during the interview and surprise Steve

"Sinatras not listening , hes dead "
"Frank Jrs dead ??"

"You are talking to someone for 20 minutes and i'm trying to figure out who it is"

"is it any good?"
"You be the judge"

"There's some shape shifting going on"
"Lets get into this"

"You know that Wonder Woman TV show isnt a documentary?"

"how's your bird's lumbago" "Its Bert's lumbago"
"hello Mrs. Jones How's old Bert's lumbago?"

"You're from England i didnt know that" :)

"I almost said oh i've never heard that"

"Probably wouldnt do a Preparation H commercial. Well its a great product"

"The May of the 28th"
"I'm trying to advertise your poxy show here"
"If you could use English that would help. I appreciate the effort"

"Your dad was like a real brainiac. I guess it didnt come down the tree then ?"

Parallel universe chat.

"Do you ever get that ?"
"I think i am having it right now"

"This is one of your cockamamie theories that may actually mean something"