Friday, November 13, 2015

KLOS Show : Joe Walsh

Joe is a great guest with Steve

Joe and Steve talk about taking over from Siegfried and Roy

Spirited discussion re heads , noses , ears and ear hair growing.

Joe "The drummer who started the band his first name was James" Steve "Oh"

Playing songs
"Blues Weather" Joe 'Thats not weather'

Joe "I played clarinet , trombone for a while"

"Bach, Debussy , Ravel"

Steve and Joes "Lottery Song" with Joe solo with bit of Hendrix

Joe + Steve try National Anthem

Joe "Its Shaquille O'Neals favourite movie in the whole world"

Joe "You're royalty" Steve "I Guess"

"The woman in England"

"Lord Jones" "Duke Jones"

"I'm 28% Irish, a little bit of Spanish and the rest of it is Anglo Saxon"

"I could be 20% martian " " Well thats a given"

"Its a massive place space, endless"

"Duane Allman showed me how to do it , he showed me the E tuning. He used a coricidin, a cough medicine bottle "

Joe "I do something called pilates"

Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy next week

Friday, November 06, 2015

KLOS Show: Fred Armisen

.. and it was Fred Armisen on the show. LINK

( not sure about the start still saying "interrupting regular programming" , as if it could just be a trial )

"big hair like the singer out of Boston"

"typical drummer pick a stupid song like that to do out of all the songs in the world. Im not having a go at you as you were a drummer"

might be Joe Walsh next week ?

( NB Nov 6 1975 was first Sex Pistols Show . Happy Anniversary)