Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Steve on twitter

.. and this may or may not be him on twitter; LINK

Who knows with that anyway.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some shows for those who missed them.

I dug out some interesting shows that may be of interest.
I have some others to put up there as well. This is just a very small selection and may give some understanding of how good this radio show was.
All unedited so adverts and all. Shows generally start about 10->15 minutes in to file.

Mediafire link

McLaren, Lydon, Stooges and Pete Townshend, Matlock, Hall of Fame day, Katrina money raising, Cook , Scabies more to come Julien Temple, Moby , Craig Ferguson , Darryl Hall, Mr Belvederes testicle story , New Order ( just listened to this one and it is very funny "Anarchy" in particular ) , Billy Gibbons , Dicky Barrett , Def Leppard and Paul Anka.

So start them playing and its like Steve never went away :-)

At least try to leave a comment and i will keep doing this. I see the download counters.

Doing this you really get to hate the gotomypc leo laporte advert.

"Face on a friday"
"Ding Dongs"
When they lost the original phone number
You may notice the blog filling with more info as i actually listen to the old shows.
2004 onwards.

( UPDATED : August 2013 : Commenter Frogspasm wanted the New Order show. i thought i had uploaded it and in serarching for it realized i had not given a link to the other directory from that time. So here it is. Mediafire Link 2 .
(All the Eels shows are there cause i gave them to an author. never did get a copy of that book )
As a quick fix here are the Steve/Tim Burgess/New Order version of
Anarchy in the UK and Bizarre Love Triangle )

Sunday, July 05, 2009

RIP Billy Mays

There was a little peak in interest for Jonesys Jukebox last Wednesday. Billy Mays passed away and on the "Pitchmen" Finale there was Steve and Begley.


and heres a podcast of the show LINK