Thursday, March 31, 2005


Guest: Lemmy. Lemmy had lots of stories. He talked about being a
roadie for Jimi Hendrix. Jimi used to put hits of acid under his
headband and let them melt into his skin. Lemmy never saw Jimi's
famous knob, but he did see the plaster cast of it.* He and Steve
talked about the old days at the Speakeasy and other clubs in
London. Helen of Troy, the "Little Person" who used to hang out
with the London punk scene, is still around. She doesn't answer
her phone though, Jonesy reveals. Lemmy's Dad was a priest!!, but
Lemmy's not very religious. "Rock 'n' roll is my religion." he
sez. Motorhead plays the Wiltern tomorrow & is working on a solo

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Songs included:

Smoking Popes-Need You Around
Wedding Present-Interstate
Blondie- Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45)
Graham Coxon-Freakin' Out

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Jonesy movie recommendation- "Downfall", the German film about the
last 10 days of Hitler's life.

Songs included:

Rod Stewart & Faces-Sweet Little Rock N Roller
Danzig-Dirty Black Summer
Suzi Quatro-48 Crash
AC/DC-Problem Child
Easybeats-Friday On My Mind
Sweet-Turn It Down
Heavy Metal Kids-Hangin' On

Monday, March 28, 2005

Eye on LA

Steve is unable to watch himself on TV, even on Late Late Night or
Eye on L.A. Mr. Shovel didn't like watching himself being
interviewed on Eye on L.A. "I can always lose weight, but I don't
know what we're gonna do about you." Steve comments to Mr. S.

Songs included:



*New York Dolls-Stranded in The Jungle
Mott The Hoople-Drivin' Sister
Jonathon Richmond-Roadrunner

Friday, March 25, 2005

Billy Idol Steve Stevens

Guest: Billy Idol & Steve Stevens. Billy is playing the Roxy
tonight. Jonesy will be joining him onstage & the show will be
broadcast live on Indie. They played "Ready Steady Go" and
"Dancing With Myself" live in the studio.

Billy Idol, Steve Stevens

Live Songs;
"Ready Steady Go"
"Dancing with myself"

Thursday, March 24, 2005

mick Rock

Guest: Mick Rock. Mick was on to promote his photo exhibit. (Info

Mick Rock: Live in L.A., Lo-Fi Gallery, 1038 N. Fairfax Ave.;
March 25-May 15; hours Mon.-Sat., 11 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sun., noon-5
p.m. (323) 654-5634.

Mick Rock


.. stay just a little bit longer

Well it looks like Indie is going to be around at least a bit longer.
Thank God for that.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Marianne Faithful

Guest: Marianne Faithfull. Marianne talked about how she ran into
Malcolm McLaren in Paris (they both live there now.) She said he's
mellowed a lot. Steve said he has a soft spot for Malcolm and
reminisced about being 16 and driving Malcolm around London cuz he
couldn't drive. Steve asked Marianne if Mick was "tight" with his
money. "I'm always amazed by rich people who are tight with their
money." "Well, that's why they're rich." Marianne replied. She
says she's much closer to Keith and Charlie nowadays than Mick.
She also talked about her new album "Before The Poison" , and her
collaborations with Nick Cave & PJ Harvey. PJ inherieted the
record collection that belonged to Stones' keyboardist Ian
Stewart. (her parents were good friends with him.)

Marianne Faithful

They run off all the names of McLarens and Westwoods shop;
"Too young to live, too fast to die"
"Let it rock"
"Mr Freedom " shared
"Worlds End" westwood

Monday, March 21, 2005

Jonesy played a fashion show with Camp Freddy over the weekend.
They provided background music as the models walked down the
runway. "I just sat down (and played) during "God Save The Queen,"
sez Jonesy. "Is this what it's come to?" Mr Shovel commented.
Steve is considering growing a mustache, and says that he heard a
rumour that Roxy Music & Eno may be doing a new album together. He
will be playing a few songs onstage w/ Billy Idol at the Roxy on
Friday night

Songs included:

Joe Walsh-A Life of Illusion (which Jonesy dedicated to the Ugh
boot wearing, tiny dog-holding types at the fashion show)
Hawkwind-Silver Machine
Stones-Dance Little Sister
Queen-See What A Fool I've Been
Nick Gilder-Got To Get Out
and a rockin' acoustic version of Journey's "Lights" as one of the
"contest" songs

Friday, March 18, 2005

oops wheres that delay

"I'm going to rock today," sez Jonesy, "Today's (music) is not for
"Ooops, where's that delay," sez Mr. Shovel. "What? Did I say
something wrong?" sez Jonesy..
Songs included:

Stones-Sweet Virginia (Sorry RSPCA)
Rolf Harris-Smoke On The Water
And songs by Foreigner, Loverboy and Diamond Reo (Rio??)

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Blake verdict

Jonesy's comment on the Robert Blake verdict. "There's no business
like show business." Once again, Jonesy jokes about getting
amorous with Mr.Shovel. "You're the Robin to my Batman," sez
Steve. "Yeah,but I look better in tights," sez Mr. S. Great
acoustic version of "I Wanna Be Me", too, as the contest song.
Also, Jonesy had an in-store DJ gig at the new Adidas store on
Melrose yesterday.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Duff McKagan

Guest: Duff McKagan. After Duff's pancreas blew up, he took up
kickboxing to get healthy and he had a lesson scheduled right
after the show. He was in a Seattle punk band called the Farts
before he moved to L.A. The band had to change their name to 10
Minute Warning when they got signed.)
Speaking of flatulence, Duff talked about Jonesy's penchant for
introducing himself all nice and proper to head flight attendents,
etc. while on tour with the Neurotic Outsiders and then suddenly
farting. Jokester!! We learn that Jonesy was a skilled mountain
biker before his back gave out, but Glen Matlock was not. (Was
Glen at the Velvet Revolver concert in London? He must have been,
says Steve, cuz "Glen will go to the opening of a door." Duff &
Steve played "Jerk" and "Janie Jones" live in the studio.

Songs included:

Chicory Tip-Good Grief, Christina
Slade-Cuz I Love Her
Curtis Mayfield-Pusher Man
Flamin Groovies-Teenage Head
Johnny Thunders/Patti Paladin-Born To Cry
Neurotic Outsiders-Revolution
Alice Cooper-Under My Wheels
Saints-Demolition Girl

Duff McKagan

Live Songs;

"Born to lose"
"Janie Jones"

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Songs included:

Kay Starr-Wheel of Fortune
Brenda Lee- I'm Sorry
Vera Lynne-White Cliffs of Dover
Datsuns-Blacken My Thumb
Billy Idol-Body Snatcher
Nine Inch Nails-The Hand That Feeds

Monday, March 14, 2005

Ian Brown

Although he was sick over the weekend (bad sushi) Jonesy
reports he played soccer laid!!!!!! Guest: Ian Brown

Songs included:

Stranglers-Nice and Sleazy
Mink Deville-Cadillac Walk
Graham Coxon-Freakin' Out
Supergroupies-Low Blue Flame
Screamin' Lord Sutch-Monster In Black Tights
Rose Tattoo-Nice Boys Don't Play Rock 'n' roll
Thieves-You Get It Easy

Ian Brown

Live Songs;

Friday, March 11, 2005

Ian hunter

Guest: Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter

Sex PIstols

It is just so good to have had at some point now a radio station that regularly plays Pistols songs.
"EMI" just came on so i have the speakers cranked. Hi Neighbors.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Jonesy talked about having his heart broken by a bird when he
first got sober. He discovered she was cheatin' on him and was
really hurt, but it made him a better person cuz before then "he
only thought about what I wanted." --"And you start thinking about
where she is- on a matress with a queue waiting for her."

Songs included:

Ride The Blinds-Take Back What's Mine
Doctors of Madness-Waiting
Manic Street Preachers-Out of Time
Starbuck-Moonlight Feels Right
Firefall-Strange Way
The Lashes-Sometimes The Sun
Patti Smyth-Goodbye To You
Neil Young-Only Love Can Break A Heart
Crack The Sky-Invaders From Mars
Bread-Guitar Man


Thesbians...window cleanians...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Chelsea beat Barcelona!

Songs included:

18-Alice Cooper
Sharks-Drivin' Sideways
S'coolgirls-Rock N Roll Discotek
New York Dolls- Subway Train
Queen-I'm In Love With My Car
Robin Trower-Bridge of Signs
Jonathon Richmond-Roadrunner

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Full Metal

Well, Jonesy outdid himself today. 2 hours of METAL with more than
a few hair bands featured. Alas, none of Jonesy's "metal" album
"Fire and Gasoline," but he did play Britny Fox (no Rough Cutt,
though). Jackie from the Indie metal show "Chaos" stopped by with
a Cinderella CD. Jonesy said that hair metal was the "World
Wrestling Federation of music."

The "demons, ghouls and goblins" as Jonesy described 'em, included:

Ronnie Dio-Rainbow In The Dark
Fastway-Say What You Will
Mick Ronson-Billy Porter
Don Dokken-Into The Fire
Motley Crue-Looks That Kill
Deep Purple-Perfect Stranger
Ironmaiden-Run To The Hills
Motorhead-Ace of Spades
Rainbow-Since You've Been Gone
Alex Harvey Band-Faithhealer
Britny Fox- Girlsschool
Ratt-Round and Round
Judas Priest-Headin Out To The Highway
White Lion-Wait

Monday, March 07, 2005


Jonesy was interviewed for "Eye On L.A." a local TV magazine show.
He said he doesn't like KROQ (phony bands trying to sound angry.)
The girl who interviewed him was born in Afghanistan, and he asked
her if the women there still dressed like "beekeepers." He also
praised "Dig" the documentary film about the Dandy Warhols.

Songs included:

Keith Richard-Take It So Hard
Blur-Coffee & TV
Rubinoos-Perfect Stranger
Blow Monkeys-Man from Russia
George Mcrae-It's Been So Long
John Holt-Dr. Love
Spoons-Everything Hits At Once
Boris Gardner-You Make Me Feel Brand New
Lee "Scratch" Perry-Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Channel 7 "Eye on LA"

Friday, March 04, 2005

Paul Rutherford

Guest: Paul Rutherford of "Frankie Goes To Hollywood." The band is
back together for a tour, Paul met Prince Charles & Camilla. Lotsa
talk about gay guys and trannies & a transsexual politician in New
Zealand, where Paul lives. Jonesy said the flu was like "having a
gorilla jump on me chest."

Paul Rutherford

( Frankie goes to Hollywood )

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Dumb web sites try to be all snarky anti-indie/pro-Kroq ( ooh how subversive ) but end up with the most comments they have ever had on any topic telling them how stupid they are. Link
and then tries to do the same and show their real sadness by talking about podcasts as a viable medium and only getting 2 comments.

..kicking against the ..

Some fight for the station.
"Let us note at this time that Jonesy’s Jukebox has been particularly successful in poaching KROQ listeners. Indeed, if given the choice between Hoobastank and a cockney ex-junkie playing Foreigner and Sweet, sensible young men choose the latter. "

" Most of all, X should be played at least once an hour, for the remainder of our lives, on L.A. radio. "