Friday, May 27, 2005

Peter Murphy

Steve is looking forward to the weekend. He "used to be a
layabout, now he's just one of the masses."

Guest: Peter Murphy.He is playing the Henry Fonda Theatre tonight
& played "Space Oddity" in-studio.

Songs included:

Bobby Sherman-Julie, Julie, Do Ya love Me?
Scott Walker-If You Go Away
Jobriath-Space Clown
T-Rex-Life's A Gas
Shaun Cassidy- Hey, Deanie

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

It seems Steve has changed his mind about the sex thing. "I
thought you weren't interested in sex," sez Mr. Shovel. "You
slipped. You're not evolved anymore." "I'm still more evolved than
you." sez Steve. Jonesy "is not the animal he used to be" and
girls turn into friends because I don't make a move." "I'm a lame
old sod," he sez.

Popmatters interview

Interview ...

PM: Do you actually like Journey? [Journey gets airtime on Jonesy's Jukebox]

SJ: Yeah, Journey's great. Back then I couldn't like it because it wasn't cool. When you get older, you just appreciate a good song, whether you're wearing flares or bondage pants. I love catchy pop rock. You can't knock a good song. But my first day, if I would have played Journey, I think I would have buried myself. I had to ease into that stuff.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Jonesy has evolved, he says, and is no longer that interested in
sex, he sez,cuz in the past he had lots of meaningless sex and can
now view it as a humorous thing. However, Mr. Shovel is still his
"honey." "I'm circumcised," Jonesy tells him. :Why do people have
sex? Steve asks,"Got to be for that last 4 seconds. Why else would
you do it. I mean, maybe not for birds, but for blokes.."

J. Geils Band-First I Look At The Purse
David Bowie-Diamond Dogs
Shadows-Beautiful Land
Ten Years After-Goin Home
Van Halen-Dead Or Alive
Heavy Metal Kids-Hangin' On
Arthur & The Johnsons-There's Someone

Monday, May 23, 2005

Guest: Mike Doughty,

Guest: Mike Doughty, formerly of Soul Coughing, now on a solo
tour. Played an acoustic version of Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler"

mike doughty

Steves interview technique from the other side

JONESY: What's that one Soul Coughing song I like? That I play all the time?
MIKE: I don't know..."Circles."
MIKE: "Super Bon Bon?"
JONESY: Yeah. Can you gonna play that one for us, then?

Friday, May 20, 2005

Jonesy read a letter he got from some scam artist claiming to be a
rich Saudi.

Songs included:

Danko Jones-Hot Damn Woman
Van Halen-Pretty Woman
Raspberries-Don't Know What I Want
Who-I'm A Boy
Alvin Stardust-Jealous Mind

Thursday, May 19, 2005

The studio needs to be feng-shui-ed.

Songs included:

Blue Mink-Melting Pot
Marc Bolan-Til Dawn
Damned-Morning Bird
Cobra Verde-So Long Mary Ann
Danny Wilson-Mary's Prayer

Indie Billboard

It says;
This is the only billboard we can afford;
Keep us on air

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Jonesy attended another one of those Sony Playstation celebrity
shindigs last night. Louis XIV played, and some people were
"walking around in a trance waiting to be discovered. It was
surreal." Steve wants to "expand his brain."

Songs included:

Tom Petty/Heartbreakers-American Girl
Foreigner-Dirty White Boy
Winkies-Trust In Dick
Atomic Rooster-Devil's Answer
Cliff Richard-Next Time

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Julien Temple and Andrew Oldham

Talking with Temple
"I was going to ask you something ..
oh yes ... Do you think he ( Sid ) killed her ( Nancy ) "
Obviously catching producer Shovels face drop in shock
"Whats that face for .. ?"


Steve "Could you stop the profanity "
Silence from Temple
Steve "That was me asking in an American voice for you to stop swearing"
Temple "You've got a cheek"

Guests: Julien Temple and Andrew Loog Oldham

"The Great Rock 'N Roll Swindle" released on DVD today. Guests:
Julien Temple and Andrew Loog Oldham. Bill Wyman got the most
birds, Mick was tight w/ his money, but Jeff Lynne is the worst

Songs included:

John Cale-Heartbreak Hotel
Ian Hunter-Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Roger Miller-King of The Road
Wilco-She's A Jar
Tim Buckley-Dolphins

Wait a minute..... thats bollocks

So on the replays of Jonesy they edit when he says "Bollocks"

When Billy Gibbons ( ZZ Top ) could not remember the name of an album
and Steve suggested one it came out as "Never mind the b{silence}"

Nice :-)

Friday, May 13, 2005

Guests: E from the Eeels and Dave from the Wedding Present

Guests: E from the Eeels and Dave from the Wedding Present. E and
Jonesy did a rollicking version of "Polk Salad Annie" even though
they couldn't remember allthe words.. Jonesy has a "one-pack", not
a "six-pack" stomach-wise. Jonesy wants to invent a "sockfinder"
cuz he loses socks when he does the laundry.

Steve: "We are here with Mr. Wedding present . i forgot your name mate sorry"

Dave "Loads of silver discs. They were all for Smokey . They are massive in Norway"

Live Songs WP "What have i said now"

Thursday, May 12, 2005

guest: Aimee Mann

Guest: Aimee Mann. Aimee played songs off her her new album "The
Forgotten Arm" and Jonesy convinced her to play "Voices Carry" She
had to leave early for therapy. Jonesy went into his story about
the therapist he had who fell asleep. The therapist and his wife
later died in a plane crash

Songs: Voices Carry

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Jonesy lamented the lack of females leaving "ding-dongs" and
winning contests. "Don't any birds listen? It's starting to
depress me." he sez.

Songs included:

Pretenders-Talk of the Town
The Normal-Warm Leatherette
New York Dolls-Mystery Girls
Adam & Ants- Deutsche Girls

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Sids 48th

Today would have been Sid's 48th birthday. Sid was a sweet guy til
"That bird took him the wrong way."

Songs included:

Sid Vicious-My Way, C'mon Everybody,Something Else
Pistols-God Save The Queen
Only Ones-Lovers Of Today
Bad Brains-Banned in D.C.
The Damned-Eloise
Top of the Pops theme song

Monday, May 09, 2005

When Jonesy was driving home last night, he saw Ronald Vaughn,
Rodney Bingemheimer's "Spaceman" friend from Mayor of the Sunset
Strip sleeping by a bus stop in Beverly Hills. "I met him at a
party in the '80s and he was normal," sez Jonesy. He then wondered
what makes people "go crazy." Saw a documentary about Al Green
over the weekend.

Everything but the girl-Missing
Frankie Goes To Hollywood-Relax
Hot Chocolate-You Sexy Thing
Iggy Pop-Tiny Girls
Ceasars-Sort It Out
Young Heart Attack-Starlight
Al Green-To Sir With Love
George Macrae-Been So Long
Rod Stewart-Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?

Friday, May 06, 2005


Malcolm McLaren was the Guest today.
" I have STUFF to sell..."

Maybe the Lydon guest appearance isnt so far off.

Malcolm McLaren

Guest:Malcolm McLaren. Steve and Malcolm see each other for the
first time in 10 years. "Where's my money?" sez Steve as his
opening shot. Jonesy and Malcolm had a good time during the
interview w/ both of 'em laughing a lot, esp. Malcolm with that
jovial/creepy laugh of his. Malcolm told a story about how invited
John to audition for the Pistols. Vivenne (Westwood) told Malcolm
"There's this really handsome bloke named John who hangs out at
the shop. You should get him to be the singer." So, Malcolm
auditions John (you know the story, John sings "I'm 18" in front
of the jukebox at the Roebuck Pub.) and he's in the band. When
Malcolm sees Vivenne again, she goes "No!!! That was the wrong
John!!" The John she was referring to was John Simon Ritchie (Sid
Vicious). "You're going to have trouble with that one!" predicted
Vivenne. Malcolm played songs by some of his current "bands."
Chinese all-girl band called Wild Strawberries and a "hacker" song
(sound provided via old computers) by a guy from Chicago that was
pretty good. He is also producing the film version of "Fast Food

Peel sessions

Peel sessions

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Rock to Jock

OC Register

Michael Steele, Indie 103.1 program director, says the goal is to provide listeners with something fresh.

"Everything about Los Angeles and Orange County radio is so slick and produced, and that's great - I worked at KISS-FM and had Rick Dees and that's the ultimately slick radio," Steele says. "And those stations do really well.

"But when I was designing Indie, I knew that to compete, I had to put something on the radio that was radically different."

So he signed Jones to host a midday show, on which he meanders in a Cockney accent through his vast store of rock memories - many of them involving guitars and amplifiers he's nicked off other bands.

Most days he interviews fellow musicians about everything from English soccer to girlfriends they've shared, and plays whatever strikes his fancy, often struggling to recall song titles at the end of sets.

The show started in a haphazard fashion today, with Jonesy still
running down the hallway as Mr. S. manned the mic.Jonesy is not in
a relationship because "he doesn't want to get screamed at when he
looks at other birds." Per future relationships/marriage "that
door ain't closed." Steve also went into his spiel about how
priests should get married (or at least have the services of
hookers.) Men are always looking at birds other than their
girlfriend, but "Birds don't want to be with every bloke."
"Someday you'll find the right woman," Mr. Shovel assures Jonesy.

Songs included:

Altered Images-Happy Birthday
Heavy Metal Kids-Hang On
Mazzy Star-Fade Into You
"Some guy sang a song"
Eels-Railroad Man
Super Groupies-Low Blue Flame

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

guest: Tony Wilson

Guest: Tony Wilson. Tony inspired the movie "24 Hour Party
People." A producer,promoter and radio personality in England, he
booked the Pistols on their infamous Bill Grundy TV show
appearance. We learn that he had to cover up Siouxsie's swastika
armband with gaffers tape. He was very disappointed in the fact
that Jonesy likes Boston! Played a song by some young Brit rap
group he's promoting and Jonesy had to stop the song because it
had the f word in it! (Sorry RSPCA!!) Jonesy really wants Cliff
Richard as a guest on the show. "What did you do in New York?"
Tony asked as he interviewed Steve about his post-Pistols life.
"Lived with a hooker and did heroin," Jonesy responded. "She was a
nice girl." Jonesy hurt his back from "spinning" (the trendy
exercise) too much.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Guests: British Sea Power

The English footie season never ends.Jonesy goes on about birds
with strong legs again. Guest: British Sea Power They were
"shocked at the (phony)breasts" in L.A.,sang a few songs
in-studio, including "How Will I Ever Find My Way Home?"

Songs included:

Rod Stewart-The Killing of Georgie
Roger Miller-King of the Road
Brook Benton-Rainy Night in Georgia
Tony Jo White-Polk Salad Annie
Spoon-Sister Jack
Tornadoes-Ice Cream Man
Greg Kihn-Breakup Song
Heartbreakers-Born To Lose
Love-Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and
The Fame-Get On The Beat

Monday, May 02, 2005

Chelsea won!! Jonesy got back in one piece from playing w/ Camp
Freddy in Vegas. Tone Loc & Annabella Lwin joined 'em onstage. He
really has to lose weight cuz he didn't get any action. One day in
Vegas was enough for him. He lost $600 gambling & rode down a
water "Tunnel.". Saw Bon Jovi and said they were "disappointingly
dull." Asked Mr. Shovel what it would take to make him his
"honey." ("Yes, we're back to that. C'mon, we're all whores,"
Jonesy said, "Everyone has a price.") Mr. Shovel had a great time
at Coachella. Says the Pistols should headline there next year.
Steve will, if the $$$ are right.

Songs included:

Bon Jovi-Runaway
Super Furry Animals-Rings Around The World
Frankie Goes To Hollywood-Born To Run
FastWay-Say What You Will
Big Pig w/Little Porker-Baby Reggae
Geno Washington-Scooby Do
Foundations-Build Me Up, Buttercup
Walker Brothers-No Regrets