Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Steve did at least part of the show today w/ his shirt off.
"From my POV, it looks like he's completely naked."
commented Mr Shovel. The new GQ with a pic of Jonesy is on

Songs included:
Heavy Metal Kids-Rock N Roll Man
Robin Trower-Day Of The Eagle
Sweet-Turn It Down
Eno-Baby's On Fire
Iggy-Power & Freedom
Super Furry Animals-Venus & Serena
Pony Club-Stop
Kraftwerk-Pocket Calculator
Supergrass-Kiss of Life
Alvin Stardust-Jealous Mind
Byran Ferry-Don't Want To Know
Dexys Midnight Runners-Geno

Monday, August 30, 2004


Songs included:
Johnny Thunders-Can't Seem To Make You Mine
Iggy Pop-Candy
David Bowie-This Is Not America
Chipmunks!!!-God Save The Queen

Friday, August 27, 2004

Tim Burgess

Guest: Tim Burgess of Charlatans UK. Today we learn that
Steve wears a size 12 shoe and that "birds like me hands and
feet."....It's Glen Matlock's birthday.

Songs Included:

Status Quo-Rockin' All Over The World
Pistols- Satellite
Charlatans UK-Try Again Today
Alice Cooper-School's Out
Pony Club-Thinking Of You
Byran Ferry-Shame, Shame, Shame
Rich Kids-Ghosts of Princes In Towers
Cliff Richard-Fools Errand
Osmonds-Love Me For A Reason

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Lottery Tickets

Today Jonesy bought 10 lottery tickets (Jackpot:$75 mil) and
had the lady in the gift shop "kiss the paper" for good luck.

Songs Included:
ELO-Hold On Tight To Your Dreams
Great Rock N Roll Swindle-Silly Thing
Toots & The Maytals-245446
Jonathon Richman & The Modern Lovers-Road Runner
from Sex:Too Fast To Live: Too Young To Die

Nina Hagen-Runaway
David Bowie-Wild Is The Wind
Motels-Total Control
Ken Booth-Everything I Own
10cc-Rubber Bullets
Magazine-Shot On Both Sides
Queen-I'm In Love With My Car

Coffee bean and tea leaf people

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Didn't catch much of the banter today, but I swear I heard
Jonesy say something about "my testicles hurt" and then he
surmised it was because he's gaining too much weight. (Don't
ask. You had to be there.)

Songs included:

Killers-Change Your Mind
Duran Duran-Sunrise
Billy Ocean-Love Really Hurts Without You
Keith Richards-Shouldn't Take It
Paul Weller-Wishin' On A Star
Datsuns-Blackened My Thumb

Henry Rollins

A page for Henry Rollins show "Harmony in my head" Mondays 7-9pm

Saturday, August 21, 2004

General Indie playlist

Collected Indie 103.1 playlists

OC weekly

Jonesy in the OC weekly

p.s. Site moved jonesysjukebox.blogspot.com


Jades site has summaries of the shows.


The script i use to save the stream on Linux.
A cron job kicks it off at 1155 am Monday to Friday.
After Fridays show that ran onto 2.30 pm i think i should set the end time as later just in case.

DIRNAME=~/JonesyJukebox/`date +%Y`/`date +%B`/`date +%V`
FILENAME=jj_`date +%F`

#set up mplayer suicide :-)
echo "killall mplayer" | at 1420 today

mkdir -p $DIRNAME
mplayer -cache 70 -vc dummy -vo null -dumpfile $DIRNAME/$FILENAME.asf -dumpstream $URLSTREAM

# to convert to wav
# mplayer -vc dummy -vo null -waveheader -ao pcm -aofile $DIRNAME/jj_`date +%F`.wav $DIRNAME/jj_`date +%F`.asf

NOTE this saves the raw stream as i found that was only about 30mb for the whole show. The wav file was > 1Gb and the ogg file(mono) is about 60 mb.

God save Steve Jones !!

Just a blog to collect info related to Jonesy's Jukebox Indie 103.1

Friday, August 20, 2004

John Taylor Simon Le Bon

Guests: John Taylor and Simon LeBon. The boys have just
finished a US promo tour for their new album "Astronaut" on
Sony/Epic. Some of the songs were produced by Dallas Austin
and Nile Rodgers. Simon didn't show up til 10 to 2 cuz
somebody gave him the wrong address. So the show ran a bit
late, til about 20 after 2, maybe 2:30. Once again the
subject of caning came up and Simon told a story about how
he was caned by a teacher for smoking a cigarette at school
when he was 15! Jonesy mentioned how he was singled out by
airport security in Vegas last year. "I'd love to ask but I
won't," John quipped. Simon talked a little bit about his
daughters. They played " Sunrise" from the new album to end
the show. There is another article about Jonesy in Venice
Magazine The mag is out at newsstands today, but the new
issue isn't up on the web yet.

Fun with a face: John Taylor and ...

Simon Le Bon ( very late )

Thursday, August 19, 2004

August 19th 2004

Jobriath-Heartbeat (from "Lonely Planet Boy", the CD
compilation of his work.) Morrissey's label is releasing it
in October. Jobriath released 2 albums in the early 70s was
& the first openly gay rock star. Read more about Jobriath
at Jobriath
Nancy Sinatra-Let Me Kiss You
Visage-Fade To Gray
David Bowie-Waterloo Sunset
Unit 4 Plus 2-Concrete & Clay
Wilco-Lonely One
Creation-Making Time
Ken Booth-Cry Over You
Jimmy Cliff-Wonderful World, Beautiful People
Roxy Music-Same Old Song
Ocean Color Scene-100 Mile High City
The Normal-Warm Leatherette
T-Rex-Thunder Wing
Prince-Sign O' The Times
Upsetters-Return Of The Jango
Antinowhere-Streets Of London

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Media Blitz

Media Blitz!-Jonesy announced he will be interviewed on
CNN-financial network's "The Biz" tomorrow. 1:30 p.m. and
6:30 p.m. Pacific. "You're being interviewed on Financial
News?" Mr. Shovel asked in disbelief, and added that he paid
$9 for a "Jonesy's Jukebox" coffee mug at Coffee Bean and
Tea Leaf. "It tastes good cuz it's got my name on it," sez
Steve.There will be a cover article on Steve in the OC
tomorrow. "Have I sold me soul?" Jonesy asks."Well, you're
too legit to quit", Mr. Shovel replied.

Mott The Hoople-Drivin' Sister
Sparks- Amateur Hour
Alice Cooper-Only Women Bleed
Hawkwind-Silver Machine
Stooges-Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell
Flamin' Groovies-Teenage Head
David Bowie-Hang On To Yourself
Lou Reed-Vicious
Subway Train-New York Dolls
Roxy Music-Pyjamarama
Damned-Neat Neat Neat
Free-Wishing Well
Cat Stevens-Father & Son
Goldfrappe-Black Cherry
Jeff Buckley-Last Good-bye
Neil Young-Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

long hair

Steve started the show with three "rockin" songs including
"Say What You Will" by Fastway. He reminisced about when he
used to have long hair and hang out in front of the Rainbow
waiting for "girls from Orange County to show up."
Photographic evidence of long-tressed Jonesy here

Fastway-Say What You Will
Humble Pie-30 Days In The Hole
Faces-Three Button Hand Me Down
New Pornographers-Slow Descent Into Alcoholism
David Bowie-Waterloo Sunset
Charlatans-Love Is The Key
Stretch-Why Did You Do It? (from Lock,Stock And Two Smoking
Barrels soundtrack)
Toots & The Maytals-Take Me Home (Cover of John Denver song)
Black Brothers-Gimme Love
Glitter Band-Angel Face Baby
Killing Joke-War Dance
Sweet-Fox On The Run
Slade-Monkeys Can't Swing
Roxy Music-Do The Strand
Edison Lighthouse-Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes
David Dundais-Jeans On

You can find audio of Jonesy's interviews with John Doe &
Exene/Billy Zoom at:

John Doe Interview:
http://www.xtheband.com/jj1.mp3 (It starts a minute or 2
into the show)

Exene & BZ's interview: http://www.xtheband.com/jj2.mp3

Monday, August 16, 2004

Captain Sensible

Jonesy's back from vacation. Spent the first few days "driving
around and listening to meself on the radio", then finally went to
San Francisco on Friday with a friend. Haight-Ashbury is a "dump",
the Ameoba in Hollywood is better than the one in SF,strip clubs
there ain't what they used to be and admiring the starfish and
kelp off the coast of Monterey on the way back was a highlight.

***Captain Sensible of the Damned was the guest for the second
hour. We learn that "Brighton is the gay capital of England". It
also is the home of lots of music celebs, such as the Captain,
Baby Spice, Robert Smith, etc.The Damned groupies tend to be
dominatrix types & the Captain has a thing for S/M, which all
started via spankings from a pretty PE teacher back in his school
days. Jonesy is not into the dominatrix thing "I don't like women
touching me that way." Cliff Richard is a wanker who said nasty
things about the Damned on a Brit TV show,. This was one of
Jonesy's best interviews.***

***Songs included:
Southern Girls-Cheap Trick
Southbound-Thin Lizzy
Battleship Chains-Georgia Satellites
Killing Joke-Are You Receiving?
Private World-New York Dolls
Young Heart Attack-Starlight
Caesars -Sort It Out
Mere Mortals-Cracked
Something For Rockets-Might As Well
Slick-Don't Take Your Love Away
Barry Blue-Saturday Night
Rubettes-Sugar Baby Love

Captain Sensible

Sunday, August 15, 2004


Elected-Alice Cooper
Generation X-Kleenex
Did You No Wrong-Sex Pistols
Hanoi Rocks-Obscured
Rema-Worry Young
Joe Strummer-Johnny Appleseed
Starsailor-Good Souls
Electronic-Forbidden City
New Radicals-Someday We'll Know
Dynamite-Hello Muddah (A reggae version of the Allen Sherman song!)
Charlatans-Only One I Know
Future Heads-Decent Days And Nights
Gay Dad-My Son Mystic
Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps-Artful Splodger
Chemical Brothers-Out Of Control
Suede-She's In Fashion
Streets-Dry Your Eyes
Ian Drury-Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick

Thursday, August 12, 2004

repeats: March 2004 ; John McEnroe

This one a repeat from the 5th week of the show. So March 2004
Steve played a lot of Gary Glitter back then.
Like an excited kid with his new toy.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

repeats: Keith Morris

Off building the spaceship
one of the really old one hour shows.
Working on the "I am the man who can .."
"I am the man who can for one hour a day"
"Hello England"
Playing Elbow, The Ruts etc

Friday, August 06, 2004

Ron and Russel Mael ( Sparks )

Guests: Ron & Russel Mael (Sparks)***


***Status Quo-Roll Over
Slade- Get Down & Get With It
Ramones-I Don't Want To Grow Up
Damned-Born To Kill
Knack-Good Girls Don't
Dead Boys-All This & More
Runaways-American Nights
Alice Cooper- Under My Wheels
David Bowie-Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
Clash-I Fought The Law
Razorlight-Rock N Roll Lies
Anarchy In The UK-Instrumental from "Never Mind the Bhangra Here's
the Opium Jukebox: A Tribute To The Sex Pistols"
Max Romeo- ????
Sparks-This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us (Live)
Go Home Productions-No Feelings/Believe Mash-Up
Sparks-Ugly Guys & Beautiful Girls
Sparks-Rhythm Thief
Upsetters-Sunshine Showdown


Monday, August 02, 2004

Aug 2 2004


***Slik-Forever & Ever (Midge Ure)***

***Shabby Tiger- Slow Down***

***Pony Club-Stop***


***David Bowie-Sound & Vision***

***Mere Mortals-Cracked***

***Thieves-White Lines***

***Cobra Verde-???***

***Anything Box-Best Friend***

***Eno-Baby's On Fire***

***Sigur Ros-???***


***Morrissey -Teenage Dad On His Estate***

***Tommy Steele-Half A Sixpence***

***Boris Gardiner--Elizabethan Reggae***

***Clancy Eccles-Fatty, Fatty***

***Billy Fury-Half-way To Paradse***

***Que Lazzarus -Good-bye Horses***

***Doves-Sulphur Man***

***Postal Service-???***