Friday, December 21, 2007

Jury: Writers: The Year in Review

Kevin Bronson. LA Times . Blog
Randall Roberts , LA Weekly blog
Shirley Halperin , Rolling Stone ( <-- shouldnt this be Entertainment Weekly ?? ( YES ) )

and someone else ( They were sick )

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Guest: Dan Le Sac VS scroobius pip


dan le sac VS scroobius pip

December, 18 2007 at Jonesy’s Jukebox
Not Available , LA,
Cost :

Friday, December 14, 2007

Jukebox Jury: Walk Hard movie


* Matt Besser
* Tim Meadows
* Chris Parnell
* John Michael Higgins

"have you ever seen a black turkey ?"

"They have little hands on the end of their nose"

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Guest: Semi Precious Weapons


December, 13 2007 at 103.1 FM Los Angeles Jonesy’s Jukebox
103.1 FM or, Los Angeles, California 90036
Cost : FREE

Justin and Aaron will be doing a stunning radio interview and performance with Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols on his Show Jonesy’s Jukebox! If you are in Cali, tune in on the radio, if you aren’t listen online!

"Time Zones"
"Rock and Roll never looked so beautiful"

(ah they are playing The Double Down in Vegas on the 12th. That should be interesting. Tiny place in a weird part of town. ( strange even for Vegas. You should see the "Office Bar" across the street.) They have a drink called Ass Juice and when you ask what is in it they usually say "i dont know, i didnt make it" .The taxi driver didnt want to drop us off at first. Walking out the "front" door about 6 weeks ago, after walking a block towards the Hard Rock a wasted tweaker was about to go after me and a buddy until i just spat on him and asked him what he was going to do now. Right at a street crossing, people in the cars were laughing. I am 6 foot 4 and a big hairy scottish guy and my English pal can take care of himself as well. Wierd town )

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Guest : Devendra Banhart

Myspace Main
Radio Interview on Indie 103.1 ........

Oi. Tudo bem?

On Wednesday, December 12th Devendra will be doing an on-air interview/performance during Jonesy's Jukebox radio show on Los Angeles radio station Indie 103.1. The interview will start around Noon PST and will re-broadcast at 6pm.

It should be fun... host Steve Jones (yes! guitarist from The Sex Pistols) has been a vocal fan of Devendra's for a while. LA friends can tune in to 103.1 on the FM dial, and the show will also be broadcast live over the internet:

Ok, I've gotta visit the duke ... yeeaaaaayyyhhhhhh.

"So Long, Old Bean"
Unnamed new song

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Guest : The Republic Tigers

Myspace Wiki

December, 11 2007 at Jonesy’s Jukebox
INDIE 103.1, Los Angelas, California
Cost : Free

We’ll be talking about our upcoming releases and playing a few songs on Steve Jones’s show.

"So you used to be called paper tigers" "no"

"I sense some sarcasm"

"Last Christmas" Cover George Michael partial
"Buildings and Mountains"
"Made Concrete" ( Thanks commenter !! )
"I want to love you tender" Cover Armi Ja Danny
"Stranger to the eyes of a child man"

They are playing spaceland on the 19th LINK

( p.s. I spent too much today trying to track down what of the many bands called variations of Paper Tiger(s) were to be on tomorrow before it was pointed out to me that the band was actually the Republic Tigers. Sorry for any confusion but i am sure Steve did say Paper Tigers. I have to go listen to the show again. ) ( Okay i listened agan and he only mentions Paper Tigers. Once at the start and once at the end )
(thanks dandan87)

Friday, December 07, 2007

Joy to the world Jukebox Jury

Its carol singers !!!
Jonesys Jukebox Jingle bell girls.

Songs Sung;
"White Rabbit" (partial)
"Happy Birthday" for Jonesy and Alexandria
"Anarchy in the UK" ( The sweetest nicest version ever )
Anarchy chorus harmonies
"Winter Wonderland"
"White Christmas" with whistling
Some jingles
"Happy Birthday " again for Alexandria, 2 years old.
"Silent Night"
"Jingle Bells"
"Joy to the World"
"We Wish you a Merry Christmas"

(I think i am missing some others )

Songs played; 3

"What did you think of that horrible song ?"

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Guests: The Cliks, Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby

The Cliks Official Myspace wikipedia
( see how i cunningly fixed my earlier screw up by editing the above ssshhhh!!!)

"Oh Yeah"
"Cry me a river" ( Justin Timberlake cover )

Wreckless Eric Official Myspace Wikipedia

"...from mullets" "Millets ?" " No , Woolworths"

"Is anyone listening to this? Are you not worried about losing listeners"
"Why ? this is an interesting conversation"

"The biggest underground government millets department store. All the black jeans with the green stitching"

"Brutus !!. Thats the shirts i was thinking of"

Re Cliff Richards being on " I don't know whether to be thrilled or disappointed"

"Do you remember this ?" "Test card classics"

"Did you enjoy yourself ?"
"This is the weirdest show i have ever been on"

( Update 2009 Eric has his own radio show . Steve must have inspired him; )

Monday, December 03, 2007

Guests: Carbon/Silicon

Yup , thats the legendary Mick Jones and the legendary Tony James.

"In addition to the two scheduled shows in L.A. and New York, they plan to play acoustic sets on several USA radio shows - including our own Steve Jones' show "Jonesy's Jukebox" on Monday 3rd."

Another 2 names and lots of stories to add to what i noted in this earlier post.

These are some of the best shows with people remembering things that Steve has no clue about because he was so screwed up at the time.

"Billy Idol, Tony James, Steve Jones, Paul Cook and Terry Chimes" "What a group that would have been" " Two drummers. Like the Glitter band " "...without the paedophile of course"

( EDIT Dec13 Tony James has a write up on the CS web site about the Jukebox experience. I may "borrow" it for safe keeping and hide it in the "Read More" . LINK )

Jonesy’s Jukebox
13/12/2007 20:23:03

One of the first radio shows we were to be on was the famous Jonesy’s Jukebox...103.1 and I have to tell you it’s something else - anyone who is a regular listener will know the form - Steve plays everything and anything that takes his ear..... and says anything he likes.... This is not formula radio..........

Now we’ve both known Steve ever since..oh, even before punk broke, probably meeting in about 1975, but when it did we still used to all hang out at each others places. One of my most vivid memories is of Steve coming round one evening to this house Mick and I were renting, just off London’s Portobello road, I remember it was called “Simon Close”... After a while Steve said do you mind if I play some records, staring at the massive collection of vinyl we had there.. and that’s why I remember that evening, because he played the most off the wall, brilliant and eclectic selection of tracks - the boy had taste beyond cool.......(as well as being one of the best guitar players I ever heard) ..........

So 20 years later I heard he had this radio show in L.A and he had taken his personality and taste to America and stories of the crazy Brit were already legend...

We’d seen Steve play with the reformed Sex Pistols in London, the week before we left for the States and it felt real good to put my arm round him (even if his somewhat expanded girth meant I needed a slightly longer arm than I remembered - as he was the first to admit - “Yeah Tone I’ve turned into a fat bastard”). Anyway, we promised he would be the first show we would appear on after touchdown in the U.S.A....................

I love those big trucks you ride about in in L.A (well they feel like trucks to us from the U.K to Americans they’re just regular taxi busses) and I was ready for a big first day, but it still felt surreal driving through the L.A haze and dealing with the first days jetlag .......

It was strange to see Steve in the studio when we arrived, with his headphones hanging around his neck.. I looked in amazement at the selection of CD’s he had laid out on the desk, even a CD of old U.K television background music sitting alongside a Ducks Delux and Pub Rock compilation album ..... “Stay as long as you like” he greeted us... well I’ve been on a lot of radio shows but the next 2 hours seemed to fly by as we just chatted about everything from the situation in Sudan to the time Steve taught me to play Pistols songs on guitar many years before (I had Johnny Thunders and Steve staying at my apartment for a month in the early eighties..and no, they were not that good at tidying up before you ask - but they did play fucking great guitar in my front room..........

Steve played everything that day at the radio station from Elvis to Pinky and Perky, via the Chipmunks for comparison..... talked in his matter of fact casual, oh so brilliant way, sometimes drifting into silence... we all remembered stories, provoked and laughed a lot and I loved every record he put on.. it was the total opposite of 'we’re here to the sell the product ' talk you often get, or the regular questions - you never knew what would come next - 2 great hours being cool with an old friend, we didn’t even see the hands on the clock pass and of course never got round to picking up the two acoustic guitars we’d brought with us..... So that’s why people tune in every day.....

Why can’t all radio be like this......