Friday, September 30, 2005

Craig Ferguson and Supergrass

Guests today.
Craig Ferguson ( Bing Hitler, Drew Carey Show, Late Late show etc )
Supergrass played a couple of songs live in the second hour.

Random Notes;
Steve and the TV in a club in Luxembourg
Moira Anderson
Drummers in punk bands
Drummers who sing
Drummers who speed up
"if you cant understand my accent and i cant understand yours what chance in hell do the people listening have "
Root vegetables
Marrow , beetroot
New wave look in Glasgow.. a lot of kickings
Partick Thistle
Touching Testicles
Any man in the room when you are having sex then you are gay.
Mr Happy
Mr Sensitive
Nico .. on "What the kids call heroin"
Fully Monty
Free suit for winning the war
Giant chickens
Carbolic soap
A "slice" of toilet paper ( this one even caught ferguson out )
Pigeon guided missiles.
"False alarm ... again"
and lots lots more.

Craig Ferguson and Supergrass

Guest:Craig Ferguson. One day there will be genetically altered
chickens that go to war.(Don't ask.) Craig was a drummer for Nico
on one of her British tours. When there is another man in the room
when you're having sex, you're gay. Jonesy used to wear a kilt
that was designed by Vivenne Westwood. The chairs in Indie's lobby
look like "hollowed-out vegetables."***

** **

***Second hour guests: Supergrass

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Friday: Supergrass
Next Monday: Richard Hell !!!!

All intelligent people are dyslexic. Is there a God, Jonesy
wonders, after remembing how the spiritual & devout George
Harrison died after cancer after being stabbed by a crazed
intruder. There are too many car commercials. Show biz types are
nicking bits from Jonesy's shows.

Songs included:

George Harrison-I'd Have You Anytime
Canasta-Major Tom
David Bowie-Space Oddity
Sir George-Life On Mars
Hard-Fi-Stars of CCTV
Brian Jonestown Massacre-When Jokers Attack
Stranglers-La Folie ("about some Japanese guy who killed & cut up
his girlfriend & ate her", sez Jonesy.)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Jonesy lost his "bins" (eyeglasses) over the weekend. Manchester
beat Blackburn.

Songs included:

Super Furry Animals-Laser Beam
Tsar-Love Explosion
Artic Monkeys-A Certain Romance
New Pornographers-Twin Cinema
Giant Drag-This Isn't It
Neurotic Outsiders-Better Way
David Bowie-Queen Bitch
Ronnie Lane-The Poacher

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Started with a lot of ska today. Steve was at the Madness show last night and they changed the lyrics of a song to "Steve Jones"

There is a worrying trend starting towards playing Deep Purple songs :-) ( "Child in time" today )

Question of the day-Why do we have to turn the clocks back?

Songs included:***

** **

***Johnny Winter-21st Century Man
Freddie King-Guitar Boogie
Mr. Big-Wonderful Creation
Boz Scaggs-What Can I Say
Theme From The Monkees (Quiz Song)
Prince Buster-Al Capone's Guns Don't Argue
Jigsaw-Sky High
Lazy Boy-Penguin Rock
Skatalites - Guns of Navarone

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Dead Men Walking

Dead Men Walking on today.

"Theres a real Sex Pistol, it must be 1976"

Okay for once i have created a playlist:

John Martin :May You Never
Leo Sayer :MoonLighting
Neil Young :Harvest Moon
Donovan :Laina (sp?)
Alice Cooper : Alma Mater
WHISTLE: Day Dream Believer
Monkees :Day Dream Believer
Freddie King :Down, Down
Johnny Winters :Jumping Jack Flash

GUESTS ARRIVE: Dean Men Walking
General Talk : Topper,BMW,Supersuckers,Matlocks singing etc

Mr Big :Wonderful creation
Sharks :Driving Sideways
Heavy Metal Kids :Hanging On

With Guests :Rock This Town
:Theres a real Sex Pistol, it must be 1976
Banter about The Damned having first punk chart single.
With Guests :New Rose ( Capt Sensible singing )
Capt. Seemed to like this more than the Damned
Story re Joe Meek killing landlady.
Tornados :Telstar
Dana Gillespie :Andy Warhol
David Bowie :Oh You Pretty Thing

With Guests :Fight for your Right to Party
:.... your right to Jonesys Jukebox

WHISTLE: Smoke on the water

:I never listened to the lyrics
:Its all in there in the first 2 lines

Deep Purple :Smoke on the Water

Dead Men Walking

Guest: Dead Men Walking. Slim Jim, Captain Sensible, Kirk Brandon,
Mike Peters. Playing Anaheim House of Everything but Blues
tomorrow & Key Club Thursday. Did a rockin' version of the Beastie
Boys "You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party." Jonesy is
perturbed by the fact that Glen Matlock used to sing "Pretty
Vacant" when he was with DMW. "Don't sing," Jonesy advises Glen.
"And stop washing your feet."

Monday, September 19, 2005

Official site

I forgot to add that since last Thursday there is an actual official web site :-)


They call them .. Madness

... or todays guests on Jonesys Jukebox.
Over for KR*Qs Inland Invasion show ... last Saturday.

"A saveloy its a pale sausage covered in lipstick"




Friday, September 16, 2005

Sweet Jane

After talking with Alice Cooper re Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner , Steve played the entire Rock n Roll Animal version inc. intro of Sweet Jane on todays show.

Songs included:

Alice Cooper-Caught In A Dream
Iggy-Some Weird Sin
Clash-Clamp Down
Sensational Alex Harvey Band-Midnight Moses
Rolling Stones-Stupid Girl
Stooges-Not Right
Sonics-Shut Down
Cheap Trick-California Man
Ral Donner-What A Sad Way To Love Someone

Jonesy on Craig Ferguson Show tonight, CBS. Review- Jonesy looked
very dapper in a fancy suit. Brought Craig a can of "spotted
dick." Birds like his English accent, but the girls in L.A. are
immune to it. Girls in small towns would be more impressed. .
Didn't show his belly this time

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Guest: Alice Cooper

Guest: Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper

According to Phil Singleton, Alice Cooper is the guest today.

(Later ).. and it was correct .. Sung a bit of Eighteen .
( this was a really good show. Alice/Vince was really into it
and didn't quite believe the range of music that Steve was allowed to play SM)


Sounds like they tried to get Paul Weller for tomorrow but that didnt work out.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Brothers and Sisters ..

Wayne Kramer, Steve Jones, Michael Davis @ Jonesy's Jukebox Indie 103.1 - September 14, 2005
Photographed by Margaret Saadi Kramer

Its the MC5

Couple of songs


Jonesy might auction off the Ziploc baggie he uses to keep the
screen for his microphone clean. He's been using the same baggie
so long, it getting kinda dirty itself. He also uses the same pot
scrubbers and dish towels too long "when you could just go out and
buy 10 new ones for $1." "You need a woman." sighs Mr. S. Jonesy
acts like he didn't hear that "What?" "Well, see, that's why you
need a woman to tell you to go out and buy new pot scrubbers."
"I've been getting in touch with my feminine side," Jonesy adds.
"Well, that's another subject entirely," sez Mr.S.

Guests: MC5. Talked about meeting Sun Ra, how corporate radio is
like McDonalds and how the Creation used to have a midget with a
tommy gun come out of the drumkit at the end of their set. Played
"American Ruse" and "Shakin' Street" in-studio. They are playing
at Royce Hall Saturday night with the Sun Ra Orchestra & at Amoeba
Friday night. **MC5*

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Dave Stewart

Steves new best friend.. Dave Stewart . Complete with brand new Dave Stewart/Annie Lennox song.

Dave Stewart

Guest: Dave Stewart (Eurhythmics) Dave played a song he recorded
with George Harrison and a new song he & Annie Lennox recorded (I
think the title was "I Have A Life")**

Monday, September 12, 2005

I have a bad feeling about this....

... and then the power went out in a large section of the SFV and some of LA.

Steve wanted to make sure that he was safe on his way home :-)

Power cut

Jonesy pulled his groin playing soccer this weekend & pondered its
exact defintion. At about 1 o' clock the traffic lights &
electricity in general went out all over L.A. Mr. S. made an
announcement, telling drivers to stay calm. Jonesy sang a little
ditty, extolling stay calm sentiments with "we're all going to
die" soundbites and "smash your car into the guy in front of you."
Song of the day- "When The Lights Go Down" by Journey.

Friday, September 09, 2005


Indie radiothon to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina. Jonesy's
guests are Slim Jim, Paul Dinizio from the Smithereens and Paul
Cook. Ooops! Cookie swore again. Gotta watch out for the quiet
ones! Jonesy contributed three pairs of "Jonesy's Jukebox" Adidas
to the items to be auctioned. ****

** *

*P.S. The radiothon netted $61,000 in donations.

Follow the link.....

Click Here, Do something good....

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Jonesy had a big birthday party and had Jonesy's Jubilee
T-shirts made up. He's getting over the flu again. "You always get
sick around long weekends," Mr. S noticed. Joe Sib came on the
show for a few minutes and announced that Indie is doing a 48 hour
radiothon to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina starting
tomorrow morning.

Songs included:
Dana Gillespie -Andy Warhol. Prolific British singer/actress.
David Bowie produced some of her albums in the '70s. Website ****
here <>

John Cale-Big White Cloud
Velvet Underground-White Light, White Heat
Faces-Cindy Incidentally
Rolling Stones-I'm Going Down
Mr. Big (not that one)-Wonderful Creation

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Recovering .....

Friday; Paul Anka
Monday; Oingo Boingo
Tuesday; Slim Jim Phantom
Wednesday ; Blues Explosion
Thursday; He's back

Saturday, September 03, 2005