Thursday, July 28, 2016

"Why you talking like that?"

"I'm building a case"

Steve "i cant get rid of this creepy voice"
Shovel "I can smack it out of you"

Jillian Barberie was in late on plugging "Sharknado 4"

Monday, July 25, 2016

Guest: July 25th 2016 John Doe

John Doe

John "All original. I think its kind of the last punk rock band standing"
Steve "We're all original too. Glen Matlock, Paul Cook , me and Rotten"
John "Oh Yeah thats Right. You guys going to do more stuff"
Steve "No"
John "You should"
Steve "No"

Steve "I believe you can say bastard"
John "Say it with an american accent ?"

Steve "Portly?"
John "Husky? Big Boned"
Steve "Big boned, Is that just a polite way of saying fat people"
John "sort of"
Steve "How would you describe me then ? Portly ?"
John "I would say built for comfort not for speed"
Steve "yeeaaahh like a big futon"
John "You know Willie Dixon made a career out of writing songs like that. '300 pounds of heavenly joy , hoy , hoy' "

John " About 180 "
Steve "Now you know i'm not 180. Go on"
John " Your putting me in such a difficult...this is on the air Steve."
Steve "I dont care"
John " I would say about two (very tentatively)..twenty five"
Shovel "So close"
Steve "How dare you Mr Shovel"

Live Songs:
"Angry White Men" Original lyrics to an existing tune :)
"Rock n Roll High School"

Mr Doe has been a guest on previous versions of the show 2004??, June 2005 and June 2007

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Guest 20th July 2016 : Autolux


Live Song:
"Change My Head" Autolux

( Also Paul Cooks 60th Birthday )

Shovel "He did say i really want to rock you ?"

Friday, July 15, 2016

Guest: July 15th 2016 Walter Lure

Guest: Walter Lure

A great show.

Two swear days in a row !!

Banking, Dope, Ramones solo guitar , Heartbreakers , "We're out of delay " , Sex Pistols , Nancy & Sid , Richard Hell , Thunders ( At Woodstock etc ), Recording L.A.M.F , Track Records label mates with Shakin' Stevens :) .

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Guest : 14th July 2016 Linda Perry

Guest : Linda Perry

Damn good show. Interesting chat about music industry as well.

Uh Oh Steve wants to change the cover of his book :)

Linda "Stop it your too old to be silly "

Guitar Chat

Linda "What if you were 16 years old, not a lot of money and wanted to get a guitar"
Steve " .. i'd go steal one"

Live Song:
"Communication Breakdown" Led Zeppelin by Linda, Steve and John Perry

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Its Shovels Birthday

Shovel "I am older than you were when i first met you"

"At the Clowns ... ?" "Harpos "

Live Spoken word:
"Kick Down The Doors" The Professionals for Shovels Birthday
( They play song later in show although Steve thinks the production is "tuppence" )
( "It has this phase thing that drives me nuts" )

Live Song: Steve 'n Shovel
"Kick Down The Doors"

Steve "I read my book last night. finished it. It bums me out"

Shovel "I cant even see whats going on under the desk. I dont want to know ..."

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Trying for Tom Scholz to come on the box.

They are in town so this is his chance.

Steve has been a long time, although sometimes secret, Boston fan .
Jan 11th 2005 he could be contained no more :)

Friday, July 08, 2016

Guest: 8th July 2016 : Peter Tilden KABC 790

Peter Tilden KABC 790

Steve "im going to go home and have a nap .. and stuff my face"