Friday, December 31, 2004

Naveen Andrews

Guests: Naveen Andrews (TV series "Lost","English Patient", the
new film version of "Pride And Prejudice"), Juliette Lewis. Steve
and Naveen played in-studio versions of "Silly Thing","Seventeen"
and "Golden Brown"(Stranglers). Juliette talked about the new
album she's recording with the Licks and the East Coast tour the
band just finished. Said she doesn't have a boyfriend now, is
celibate and sublimating all her energy on her music & acting.
When she mentioned the band wasn't making a lot of money, Jonesy
went into a speech about how you have to make music for the love
of it. They did an impromptu song together, don't remember the title.

Songs included:

Generation X-Kiss Me Deadly
David Essex-Lamplight
Cliff Richard-On The Beach
Bay City Rollers-Bye Bye Baby
Rod Stewart-Angel
Thin LIzzy-Whiskey In The Jar
Iggy Pop-Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell
Nice Boys-Rose Tattoo

Thursday, December 30, 2004


Mr. Shovel now has a computer voice thingie on his computer-he
types in something and the computer voice says it. Jonesy has
named the computer voice "Sebastian."

Songs included:

Rich Kids-Ghosts of Princes In Towers
Stranglers-Walk On By
Only Ones-Another Girl, Another Planet
Heavy Metal Kids-She's No Angel
Eno-Needle In A Camel's Eye
Mud-Cat Crept In
ELO-Turn To Stone

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Steve started the show with an '80s themed set & spent part of the
show sitting on the floor.

Songs included:

Cure-Close To Me
Bow Wow Wow-Go Wild In The Country
Public Image-Rise
Charlie Sexton-Beat's So Lonely
Glass Tiger-Don't Forget Me
Julian Cope-World Shut Your Mouth
Depeche Mode-Never Let Me Down Again
General Public-Never You Done That
Passions-I'm In Love With A German Film Star
Anything Box-Cling
Mazzy Star-Fade Into You
Massive Attack-Angel

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


The Internet at the station hasn't worked for 2 weeks, a Stephen
Hawkings like computer generated voice opened the show and did
tags between song.

Songs included:

Mick Ronson-White Light, White Heat
New York Dolls-Bad Girl
Bob Seger-Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
Sweet-Lollipop Man
J. Geils Band-Wamma Jamma (Live)
Placebo-Every You, Every Me
Iggy Pop-Down On The Street
Tony Joe White-Polk Salad Annie
Generation X-Ready, Steady, Go
Ronettes-When I Saw You
James-She's A Star
Johnny Nash-Hold Me Tight
Ken Booth-Everything I Own
Toots & Maytals- Take Me Home
Death In Vegas-Leather
Ian Brown-Solar Light
Rolf Harris-Stairway to Heaven
A comic version of the overplayed Led Zepplin song, details about
this version at
Stairway To Heaven

******************** ********************
* *********************An excerpt from today's (12/28) L.A. Times
article about Jonesy's Jukebox.

/"When the radio pitchmen who do the "Real Men of Genius" ads for
Bud Light praised the brand recently, Jonesy hammered away at them
to admit that, deep down, they must agree that all American beers
taste of urine. The squirming was nearly audible over the air.
"You don't drink this stuff, do you?" the DJ pokes. Later, off
air, he chuckles. "They're so showbiz they never expected someone
to do that on the air. But that beer can't be good." / *

*********************Read the rest here

Los Angeles Times

Front page of Calender section today.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Guest Host : Ian Astbury

Guest Host: Ian Astbury.

Ian brought his sons Che and Dustyn & his girlfriend Rachel along.
Played songs by Blonde Redhead, Turbonegro, Jane Birkin/Serge
Gainsborough, UNKLE, a local L.A. band named Pollen (???), Adam
Ant, and the "real" Doors ("Tell All The People"). "If I know
Jonesy, he commented, "He's probably glazing his turkey right now
or glazing someone else's turkey."

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Guest Host: Rob Zombie

Rob played lots of Ramones and announced that
there would be a public memorial dedicated to him at Jan 14th at
Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Rob also told stories about being
expelled from the third grade for doing a painting of Alice Cooper
for an art project. Glen Danzig called in.
Songs included by Vicious by Lou Reed, All Tomorrow's Parties by
the Velvet Underground & Christmas songs by the Chipmunks and Slade.

Friday, December 17, 2004

The "Budweiser Real Men of Genius" guys.

Guests: The "Budweiser Real Men of Genius" guys. They created a
"commercial" for Jonesy and discussed their creative process and
some of their previous commercials. (P.S. Jonesy on vacation next

Songs included:

Mooney Suzuki-Legal High
Go Home Productions-Under Pressure/Off The Wall Mash-Up
The Boys-Silent Night
Blues Explosion-Burn It Off
The Quick-Hilary
Pink Noise Test-All The Same To Me

Nick and Fab The Strokes

Jonesy back from vacation. The parking lot at the Courtyard is
half full, Jonesy and Mr. Shovel joked about going on strike.
Steve had an uneventful vacation, went to a few record stores, saw
"The Life Aquatic."
Guests: Nick & Fab from the Strokes. They talked about how they
were the only kids at their high school who like rock instead of
hip-hop, they've built their own recording studio & are working on
a new album. Steve talked about the show the Pistols did in 2002
in CA and how John (Lydon/Rotten) lambasted show sponsors KROQ and
Levis onstage.Also, the subject of guys waxing their chest hair
came up, and Steve told a story about how he had his nuts waxed
once "Just to do it."(Reminescent of the Viagra story)"It made me
legs bleed,"he said.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Songs included:

Gary Glitter-Do You Wanna Touch
Bearded Lady-Rock Star
Wizard-See My Baby Jive
Blue Mink-Melting Pot
(60s Uk band similar in sound to the bands "Brotherhood of Man" &
"Rotary Connection")
Nick Armstrong-Down Home Girl
Stranglers-Walk On By
Lashes-Sometimes The Sun
Tubeway Army-Are Friends Electric?

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

"I'm a right mess," Steve commented after revealing a 30 minute
morning walk left him knackered. Once again, he considers
liposuction. "Maybe we could put you on Extreme Makeover,"sez Mr.
Shovel. Jonesy, however, hates reality TV and thinks plastic
surgery on men looks terrible.

Songs included:

A Christmas song by Pearl Jam(!!)
Clarence Carter-Back Door Santa
Features-Blow It Out
A.C. Neuman-Miracle Drug
Spoon-Everything Hits At Once
The Boys-Brickfield Nights

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Steve wonders if he could be a spokesperson for the Gap, maybe for
supersized stretch T-shirts. Also, does he play too much classic rock?

Songs included:

McAlmont & Butler-Different Strokes
Suede-Wild Ones
Gap Band-You Dropped A Bomb On Me
Pony Club-Stop
Dead 60s-Riot Radio
Dandy Warhols-You Were The Last High Bob & Marcy-Pied Piper

Guest Host: Jack Grisham/TSOL

Guest Host: Jack Grisham/TSOL

Monday, December 13, 2004


Songs included:

Looks That Kill-Motley Crue
(Brings back memories of going to the methodone clinic, sez Steve.)
Rose Tattoo-Nice Boys(Don't Play Rock & Roll)
Rod Stewart-True Blue
Thin Lizzy-Little Darling
Queen-Now I'm Here
Skids-Into The Valley
Pistols-Did You No Wrong
??????-Happiness (Didn't catch the artist's name, but Jonesy said
"The song cheers me up even though the guy singing it is a
miserable git.")

Yes, even the "industry" peeps like /Jonesy's Jukebox/ ***

************************ ************************

************************ * Velvet Rope


Songs included:

Looks That Kill-Motley Crue
(Brings back memories of going to the methodone clinic, sez Steve.)
Rose Tattoo-Nice Boys(Don't Play Rock & Roll)
Rod Stewart-True Blue
Thin Lizzy-Little Darling
Queen-Now I'm Here
Skids-Into The Valley
Pistols-Did You No Wrong
??????-Happiness (Didn't catch the artist's name, but Jonesy said
"The song cheers me up even though the guy singing it is a
miserable git.")

Yes, even the "industry" peeps like /Jonesy's Jukebox/ ***

************************ ************************

************************ * Velvet Rope

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Jonesy interview

"You're on billboards now, aren't you?

Yeah, it's crazy. It's really nuts, but it just goes to show you how starved people were for something decent on the radio in LA. It was absolute crap before Indie came along, I just mean rubbish. The same 10 fucking songs over and over and over again, 10 horrible songs. People get excited now, "God! it's two minutes to 12, get ready, we gotta put Jonesy's Jukebox on!"

Friday, December 10, 2004

Teri Nunn

Guest: Terri Nunn. Terri sang "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree"
& "Metro". Steve invited her to "rub his belly" but she decided
against it cuz her hubby was listening. Steve is a "one-track
kinda guy." He's either concentrating on the show or "chasing
skirt" - when he's "Chasing skirt" the show suffers, he sez.

Songs included:

Brett Smiley-Space Ace
Zolar X-Rocket Roll
Daddy Maxfield-Rave & Rock
PJ Proby-A Place For Us
Blackfoot Sue-Standing In The Road
Aretha & Donna-Uptown Rankin'
T-Rex-Mambo Sun
Cliff Richard-Don't Talk To Me
Slik-Forever & Ever
Vince & The Valiants -Someone's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight

Thursday, December 09, 2004


Someone sent Steve an "Erotic Spanking Kit" from Condomania. "I'm
not into spanking." said Steve. "Are you into spanking?" he asked
Mr. S. "If I was I wouldn't need a kit for it." Mr. S replied.
Steve found the concept of "body chocolate" a waste. "I'll just
eat the chocolate and watch the bird in her high heels." he said.

Songs included:

El Vez-Feliz Navidad
Grand National-Drink To Move On
Adam Ant-Goodie Two Shoes
Spandau Ballet-True

dustmen day

Today was Dustman's Day at Steve's, he found it "comic" that Mr.
Shovel was in attendance at a Professionals show in Detroit 25
years ago and now they are working together in L.A. Mr. Shovel was
searching the Internet for info on the Dimebag Darrell/Damageplan
shooting in Ohio. "I wouldn't want to see video of that," said
Steve. "It's like the "Faces of Death" (the video series). It
stays stuck in your noggin & contaminates your head"

* ************************
* ************************ ************************

*************************Songs included

McAlmont & Butler-Yes
Placebo-Slave To The Wage
Ravers-Punk Rock Christmas
Prefab Sprout-Cars & Girls
Starz-Detroit Girls
Thieves-You Got It Easy
Dux Deluxe-Coast To Coast
Sandie Shaw-Always Something There To Remind Me
Cliff Richard-On The Beach/Move It
Flamin Groovies-Slow Death
Humble Pie-Honky Tonk Woman

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Interview with Ulises of Ozomatli .The
band is playing shows at various high schools around L.A. today on
a flatbed truck.

Songs included:

Greedies (aka Greedy Bastards)-A Merry Jingle (released Xmas 1979,
featured Steve, Paul Cook Phil Lynott and Gary Moore)
Ramones-Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight)
Tommy Steele-Little White Bull
Hawkwind-Silver Machine
Cockney Rebel-Hideaway
Jobriath-Rock of Ages
Slade-Them Kinda Monkeys Can't Swing
Zolar X-Rocket Roll ("There is quality in 2-bob", Steve commented
after playing this track.)
T-Rex-20th Century Boy
Danger Man TV Theme
Sham 69-Borstel Breakout

Monday, December 06, 2004

Jonesy pulled a calf muscle playing footie, today is Ian
Carrington's (Hollywood United) birthday.

Songs included:

Peter Sellers/Sophia Loren-Goodness Gracious
Judas Priest-Living After Midnight
Motorhead-Ace of Spades
Jetliner-Life On Mars
Ride The Blind-Taking Back What's Mine
Mooney Suzuki-Legal High
Fleetwood Mac-Man Of The World
Martin Gordon (former guitar player for Sparks)-Trust Me
Ian Hunter-Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Scan of the August 2004 Venice Magazine interview with Steve:
* ************************

*************************Venice Interview-Page 1

* ************************

*************************Venice Interview-Page 2

* ************************

*************************Venice Interview-Page 3

Annotated shows

Really good listing of shows so far.
I think i started recording about early July so with the repeats etc i
have a lot of the shows on disk.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Guest: Dweezil Zappa

Jonesy was "Knackered" after attending the Panic Chanel/Doheny
show at the Key Club last night. Dweezil Zappa was the guest. He
played a song "Girlie Woman" which he produced for sister Diva.
Moon is married to the drummer for Matchbox 20 and is with child.
Steve talked about some of the hundreds of cars he stole as a
teen-ager, including a Rolls-Royce. Dweezil is working on a
project that involves famous guest guitarists, including Eddie Van
Halen, Steve Vai, etc. Will Steve join the list?

Songs included:
Judas Priest(!!!)-Breaking The Law
Glitter Band-Angel Face
T-Rex-Bang A Gong
Blues Explosion-Burn It Off
Rolling Stones-Happy
Frank Zappa-Valley Girl
Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band-Canyons Of Your Mind
Twinkle-Terry ( Twinkle was a Brit "one-hit wonder" in the '60s
with this "Leader of The Pack" imitation.)

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Hollywood United won the league championship, Steve got a "proper"
massage yesterday and the in-studio webcam is operational. "A Sex
Pistol Has Sex"-- Jonesy told a story about hanging out in Chile
after a Pistols tour and "pulling" a bird. The bloke he was
hanging out with suggested Steve and the bird use his apartment
for the tryst instead of a hotel room. While Steve and the girl
were "doing the business", Steve noticed a hidden camera taping
the action. He confiscated and destroyed the offending tape, so we
won't be seeing it on the Internet.

Alex Harvey Band- No Lights On The Xmas Tree..
QOTSA-Regular John
Lou Reed-Busload of Faith
Thin Lizzy-Soldier of Fortune
Neurotic Outsiders-Angelina
Cheap Trick-Southern Girls
Pistols-Wanna Be Me
Groundhogs-Cherry Red
James Maker-Born That Way
Cult-She Sells Sanctuary
Fleetwood Mac-Jigsaw Puzzle Blues ("When they were a blues band,
before the birds joined")

Jonesys Jukebox is now on Yahoo Instant Messenger-jonesysjukebox
Next-a webcam,sez Mr. Shovel

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Monitors-You Are My Destiny * ************************

* *************************Adam Ant-Press Darlings
Ian Dury-What A Waste
Winkies-Trust In Dick
Osmonds-Crazy Horses ("One of 'em looks like Dave Grohl,"Steve
commented, looking at the CD cover.)
Elvis Costello-What's So Funny About Peace, Love & Understanding
The Sun-We Tried
Iggy Pop-Beside You (which Steve co-wrote. "I'm so talented," he