Monday, May 23, 2011

22nd May playlist

"We all survived the rapture except me , they took me put things in me up there and dropped me off. Side of my head is a little numb you know where you put your cell phone"
"you live on the edge. Hon St Thomas thats your new name"
"i need to lose about 90 pounds to be normal. Most of it is in my stomach... like a village of pygmys"
"A bit pantalooney"
"Kind of my age music"
"Antlers are the things that come out of a deers head"
"its all written in the scriptures"
"You are a holo.. yes you are"
".. by the female ravens"
"Thats called lose it and i am going to lose it in the trash"
"I feel bad cause i picked it. No you picked it"
"Put your head on a railway line and listen"
Bright Eyes – Firewall (Saddle Creek)
Volbeat – Magic Zone (Mascot)
Naked And Famous – All Of This (Somewhat Damaged)
The Death Set – Can You Seen Straight? (Counter Records)
Andy Clockwise – Let The Eat Cake, To Many Fatties On The Dancefloor (PID)
Funeral Party – Car Wars (Sony Music Entertainment)
Oslo – Superstar (Roadrunner Records)
The Phoenix Foundation – Buffalo (Memphis Industries)
Friendly Fires – Blue Cassette (XL Recordings)
Bare Hands – Crime Pays (Cantora Records)
Grieves – On The Rocks (Rhymesayers Entertainment)
Arctic Monkeys - Dont sit down ( Missing on KROQ listing )
Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi -The Rose With A Broken Neck (Capitol)
The Duke Spirit – Homecoming (Shangri-La Music)
Wire – Adapt (Pink Flag)
Zachary Cale – Morning Glory Kid (All Hands Electric)
The Antlers – No Widows (Frenchkiss)
Wolf Gang – Dancing With The Devil (Warner Music UK)
The Raveonettes – Recharge & Revolt (Vice Music)
The Elected – Born To Love You (Vagrant Records)
Portugal The Man – Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now) (Atlantic Records)
Bon Iver – Calgary (Jagjaguwar)
Austra – Lose It (Domino)
The Airlines – Colors (Self Released)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 15th Playlist

"That was brand spanking stinking new"
"Do they have mantlepieces here?"
"Enthralled by the manteses"
"thats what i said , you dont listen"
"Finally got the album , unfortunately theres no writing on it"
"My mantasm caught up with my Phantasm and they crossed"
"before that it was the commercials so dont get excited"
"that track is so angelic it puts a tingle up my scoliosis"
"Thats the second Scottish band weve played tonight"
"Excuse my Queens english"
"I know about bands with sex in their name , i used to be , i still am in when i need to pay the rent"
"Open up your minds little boys and girls and let the different chords in"
Neil Young – Sign Of Love (Reprise)
Sloan – Unkind (YepRock)
Goldsboro – Great White Buffalo (Unreleased)
Rival Schools – Wring It Out (Photo Finish Records)
Peter Bjorn & John – Dig A Little Deeper (Almost Gold)
Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi -The World Interlude (Capitol)
Urge Overkill – Effigy (Redeye Label)
The Strokes – Life Is Simple In The Moonlight (RCA)
Le Butcherettes – All You See In Me Is Death (Rodriguez Lopez Productions)
Panic At The Disco – The Ballad Of Mona Lisa (Fueled By Raman)
Thursday – No Answers (Epitaph)
Hooray For Earth – Black Trees (Dovecote Records)
Broken Bells – Heartless Empire (Sony Music Entertainment)
UNKLE – Natural Selection (Surrender All Ltd/RED)
The Globes – The Ocean’s Dreaming Of You (Barsuk)
Badly Drawn Boy – In Safe Hands (The End)
Glasvegas – You (Sony Music Entertainment UK)
Panda Bear – Last Night At The Jetty (Paw Tracks)
Biffy Clyro – Many Of Horror (14th Floor Records)
The Wilderness Of Manitoba – Hermit (tinyOGRE Entertainment)
Nine Black Alps – Heavier Than Water (Universal UK)
Asobi Seksu – Perfectly Crystal (Polyvinyl Records)
Airborne Toxic Event – Numb (Majordomo Records)
Metronomy – The Look (Because)
Death Cab For Cutie – You Are A Tourist (Atlantic Records)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 8th Playlist

"That was Volbeat my new favorite band whos singer dont know who i am"
"To all you lovely mothers out there who gave birth to all those horrible kids"
"My lifes better without her in it, ... on a cheerier note"
"How about them Lakers"
"My soccer team lost today"
"My name is Steve Jones i was the guitar player in the Sex Pistols and im a visionaire"
"Give your eyes a rest do your ears a favor listen to the walking entertainment center"
"Thats how you spell it , that looks weird"
"Theres another bloke called Steve Jones who is going to be on X Factor"
"Its another bloke who knows nothing about music but has great abs"
"in block , in commas what do you call them things` "parentheses" "yeah commas "
"Thats very KROQ sounding that track, dont you think"
"This is Steve Jones without the abs"
"Here you go theres a marble"
"Anything that comes out my mouth aint useless, thats the other Steve with the abs"
"I just have one big ab, its a one pack"
"It looks like angles"
"Sorry for repeating myself it must be my dementia"
"Were going to play Wire, i love this song"
"You are earwigging to Jonesys Jukebox"
"I dont expect that to be on the KROQ playlist anyime soon"
"piespace" "Friendster" "us mail " "smoke signals" "pigeons"
Danzig – Mother (American Recordings)
Volbeat – 16 Dollars (Mascot)
Andy Clockwise – Let Them Eat Cake, To Many Fatties On The Dancefloor (PID)
Smoking Popes – Diary Of A Teen Tragedy (Asian Man Records)
The Death Set – Can You Seen Straight? (Counter Records)
Wombats – Last Night I Dreamt (Bright Antenna)
Sleeper Agent – Proper Taste (Mom + Pop)
Taking Back Sunday – Faith (When I Let You Down) (Warner Brothers)
Okkervill River – White Shadow Waltz (Jagjaguwar)
Royal Bangs – Bad News, Strange Luck (Glassnote)
The Antlers – No Widows (Frenchkiss)
Cat’s Eyes – I Knew It Was Over (V2)
The Fling – Wanderingfoot (Dangerbird)
Lake – One Small Step (K Records)
TV On The Radio – Repetition (DGC Records)
Givers – Up Up Up (Glassnote)
The Postelles – She She (+1 Records)
The Strokes – Two Kinds Of Happiness (RCA)
The Heavenly States – Oui Camera Oui (Love Brand Music)
Wire – Adapt (Pink Flag)
Genuflex – Soul Love (Manimal Vinyl Records)
The Duke Spirit – Homecoming (Shangri-La Music)
Sam Roberts Band – Without A Map (Rounder / UMGD)
The One AM Radio – In A City Without Seasons (Dangerbird)
Outasight – Figure 8 (Warner Brothers)
James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream (Polydor)
Silversun Pickups – Growing Old Is Getting Old (Dangerbird)

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

1st May Playlist

"music that may be a few weeks old"
"its a big hit in my head"
"I think theyre quite popular in limeyland"
"i love feeling like a chump"
"What does that mean.. i dont care"
"I sound like im 90. Who is that old fart talking. I was the , i still am , the guitar player in the Sex Pistol
s . Im not just some old fart they dragged off the street"

( the streaming version of the show was all effed up. )

Go Home Productions – Jacko Under Pressure (Go Home Productions)
Dirty Vegas – Little White Doves (Om Records)
They Might Be Giants – Never Knew Love (Idlewild Records)
Broken Bells – Heartless Empire (Sony Music Entertainment)
Brother – Darling Buds Of May (Polydor Ltd. t/a Geffen)
Awolnation – Sail (Red Bull Records)
Motopony – King Of Diamonds (Motopony / Tiny Ogre)
The Heavenly States – Model Son (Love Brand Music)
Mystery Jets – Serotonin [Tom Elmhirst Mix] (Rough Trade)
Death Cab For Cutie – You Are A Tourist (Atlantic Records)
Matt Pond PA – Love To Get Used (Attitude)
Rome – Two Against One (Capitol)
Jane’s Addiction – End To The Lies (EMI)
The Duke Spirit – Homecoming (Shangri-La Music)
Unkle – Natural Selection (Surrender All Ltd/RED)
Metronomy – The Look (Because)
Generationals – Ten Twenty Ten (Park The Van)
Living Things – The Stupor (Brotherly Records)
The Chapel Club – White Night Position (Polydor UK)
The Kills – DNA (Domino)
Rival Schools – Wring It Out (Photo Finish Records)
The Strokes – Taken For A Fool (RCA)
The Vaccines – Blow It Up (Sony Music Entertainment)
Volbeat – Heaven Nor Hell (Mascot)
The Raveonettes – My Time’s Up (Vice Music)
TV On The Radio – Keep Your Heart (DGC Records)