Monday, October 26, 2015

KLOS 95.5

and also KLOS 95.5
Fridays Noon-2

Instagram annoucement

First show has Billy Idol

( He was on the original show March 2005 )

Appropriately here they are singing "Ready,Steady,Go " from that 2005 show

It is so good to hear The Sensational Alex Harvey Band on Los Angeles Radio .

Bit rusty but great to have Steve back.
Might be Fred Armisen next week

"We were talking about all the lunatics who were in bands who were Scottish, they were all mean and bad drunks. They was like five of them in different bands back in the day.Always the same , it didnt end up good at the end of the night there was always someone getting their face cut or something"

wow we really are in the modern world KLOS have put up a show recording :)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

On Spotify

The boys are back in town


... and Shovels there as well :)

and it is good. Dont know how often or anything else;

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