Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Guests Feb 23rd Tom Lennon & Ben Garant

Tom Lennon and Ben Garant

The were on the Jury August 24th 2007 and then guest hosts on the Indie show November 5th 2007, March 12th 2008 , June 4th 2008 , and actual guests Jan 12th 2009 on the 3rd last show of the original run.

"Thats a nice sight for a tourist"

Facebook videos ; 1 , 2

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Wed Feb 17th Guests Wolfmother

Wolfmother guests Wednesday - NOPE, ILLNESS CAUSED CANCELLATION

Tuesday 16th Feb

Hall and Oates hypnosis/demand ( They were on original show back in 2005 )

Not a big fan of new show Vinyl. Fan of Andrew Dice Clay on the show though

"It hasnt been working"
"It hasnt worked yet"

confusion over $1000 give away.

Steve forgot about Grammys

"it was like an insult to Bowie"

"Sorry mrs gaga"

"it puts the radio in the basket"
" .. or you get the hose"

Call out to Bill Murray after story ( not Bill Maher )

Full live Sweet Jane to finish, what a show :)

"You are listening , You've been listening, you will always listen, well maybe you will"

Wolfmother tomorrow - nope, illness

Friday, February 12, 2016

Bits In The Bed: Chrissie Hynde

Played an old interview w Chrissie Hynde.
From March 22nd 2006

Bit of a strange show only about 10 minutes of show from today. All that effort to come in and really nothing about the two interesting shows they went to last night

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Guest Today Feb 4th 2016 Dr Huizenga

Dr Huizenga
Biggest Loser

The answer was Fishing Tackle box.. that is a fishing tackle box.

Steve is going to be weighed every Monday.

Bet KLOS had never had as long talks about diabetes etc

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Guest Today Feb 3rd Pat O'Brien

I'm honored to be a guest on @JonesysJukebox on KLOS at noon today. The great Sex Pistols genius is back!

Billboard Q&A

Q & A w Steve in Billboard

"How did Jonsey's Jukebox get back on the air?

Dawn Girocco, who's the general manager at KLOS, used to be the gm when I was doing Indie [103], and then Indie collapsed. Then she got another gig over at KROQ and got me over there, but they gave me a Sunday night and it didn't really do anything. She's the one who makes it happen. She believes in me and understands what Jonesy's Jukebox is and how important it is to any kind of non-robotic radio. "