Friday, July 30, 2004

Exene and Billy Zoom

Guests: Exene & Billy Zoom. Exene talked about when X was on
the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon? Jerry was speechless (as in
shocked & disgusted) after their performance , and they were
followed or was that preceded by a chimp act. They also talked
about the long-lost Jerry Lewis Nazi movie "The Day The Clown

***X will be signing copies of their new CD anthology at Tower
Records on Sunset tomorrow 7/31 "The Best: Make The Music Go
Bang:" on Rhino. One poor listener (via the show intros) was
confused because Jonesy can't tell the difference between a
spacesuit and an Ali Baba costume***

***Songs: 1st Hour***

***Wonderful World-Joey Ramone***

***Mud-Tiger Feet***

***I Fought The Law-Clash***

***Cobra Verde-Riot In The Street***

***Rich Kids-Ghosts Of Princes In Towers***

***Nancy Sinatra-Let Me Kiss You***

***Eels-The List***

***David Bowie-Diamond Dogs***

***Hugh Brian-Train To Zion***


X: Billy Zoom and Exene

Thursday, July 29, 2004

***Keep Yourself Alive-Queen***

***Prince-Little Red Corvette***


***Gary Neuman-Cars***

***Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds- William Shatner!!***

***Goldfrappe-Black Cherry***

***Tide Is High-John Holt***

***The Veils- Wild Son***

***Pony Club-Stop***

***Junior Senior-Rhythm Bandits***

***Granddaddy- AM 180***


***Roxy Music-Just Another High***

***Mere Mortals-Cracked***

***Vacation-Destitute Prostitute***

***Iron Virgin-Rebels Rule***

***Turbonegro-Self-Destructo Bust***

***Professionals-Boys In Blue***


***Shut Up/Let's Hook Up/Stayin Alive "Mash-up"-Go Home Productions***

***I Want You Back-Jackson 5***

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


***David Bowie-Young Americans***

***Glen Tilbrook- ?????***

***Italian Girls-Rod Stewart***

***Manic Street Preachers-Take The Skinheads Bowling***

***Judge Dredd- Bring The Skins Back***

***Libertines-Can't Stand Me Now***

***Ordinary Boys-Maybe Someday***

***Love Affair-Everlasting Love***

***Magazine-LIghts Go Out***

***Something For Rockets-Might As Well***

***Pony Club-One In A Million***

***Cornershop-Brimful of Asha***

***Once Bitten, Twice Shy-Ian Hunter***

***Mick Ronson-White Light, White Heat***

***Clip from the score for "Fargo"***

Tuesday, July 27, 2004


***Last day for "3-fers." For the first time in weeks, Jonesy
mentioned his admiration for "bubble butts." He also went into one
of his wistful speeches about growing older. There was a mention
of Joy Division that delved into a general discussion about
suicide, but I didn't catch the details. And they played my
favorite "ding-dong"- "I dunno. Sometimes you sound really
depressed, then you sound really happy and you make screeching
sounds and I'm at work and I have to turn the radio down. I think
you're a confused old man but you're very cute."***

***Iggy Pop-5'1", Bang Bang,Success***

***New Order-Bizarre Love Triangle,Blue Monday, True Fault***

***Nick Lowe-Cruel To Be Kind,And So It Goes, I Love The Sound Of
Breaking Glass***

***Desmond Dekker-Israelites, 007, Ich Mick***

***Massive Attack- Angel,Protection, Teardrop***

***Stone Roses- Made of Stone, She Bangs The Drum, Dool's Gold***

***"Laughing Policeman"***


First Queen songs and story "No Keyboards"
"eddie ... i mean Freddie"

Monday, July 26, 2004


Today Jonesy sprayed the studio with "professional" Lysol
(Fresh Linen scent). That's a Virgo for ya. He also talked about
how it's harder to get a drivers' license in Europe than the U.S.***

***Neurotic Outsiders-Union, Angelina, Nasty Ho***

***Flamin Groovies-Shake Some Action, ???***

***Stereophonics-Handbags & Gladrags, Maybe Tomorrow, Have A Nice

***Be Bop Deluxe- Ships In The Night, Made In Heaven, ???***

***Kraftwerk- Autobahn, ?????***

***Queens Of The Stone Age-The Lost Art of Keeping A Secret

Friday, July 23, 2004

Rob Zombie

Guest: Rob Zombie Rob talked about his new movie "Devil's
Rejects" and we discover that White Zombie used to rehearse in the
same building in Brooklyn where "Mr Shovel" lived in the mid-80s.
Rob played Tapioca Tundra by the Monkees & Andy Warhol by David
Bowie. Johnny Ramone, the unofficial guest booker for the show
called in and discussed getting Lisa Marie Presley as a guest.***

***Space Hog-Cruel To Be Kind, ?????, In The Meantime***

***Kinks-Victoria, Shangrila, Waterloo Sunset***

***Public Image-Public Image, Rise, Lowlife***

***Placebo-Pure Morning, Nancy Boy, ??????***

***Benny Hill-Ernie, The Fastest Milk Cart Driver(Thanks to Stuart
for info)***

Rob Zombie, Johnny Ramone

Shovel lived in the New York building that White Zombie practised in around 1984 ish

johnny phoned in

Thursday, July 22, 2004


***Thin Lizzy-I'm A Rocker, Hollywood, Little Darlin***

***Primal Scream-Rocks,Swastika Eye, Loaded***

***Manic Street Preachers-Out Of Time, If You Can Tolerate This,
Your Children Will Be Next, ????***

***Squeeze-Up The Junction, Pullinng Mussels From A Shell, Another
Nail In My Heart***

***Lou Reed-Vicious, Charlie's Girl, Perfect Day***

***Blondie-I'm Always Touched By Your Presence, Dear, Hangin' On
The Telephone, Denise ***
* ***Gary Glitter-I'm The Leader Of The Gang, Hello Hello, I'm Back,
Do You Wanna Touch ***
* ***Arrows- I Love Rock N Roll ***

Oldest recording i have ( i think )

Blocks of 3 songs
mo paying the Duke.
Arrows. "I love rock and roll"
( not that he is bitter or anything )

[ missed Vincent Gallo, John Doe , Ian Astbury etc ]

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Bow wow wow

Bow Wow Wow

Guest: Bow Wow Wow***


***Mott The Hoople-Golden Age Of Rock N Roll,Roll Away The Stone,
Honaloochie Boogie***

***The Cult-Wildflower,She Sells Sanctuary, Love Removal Machine***

***Billy Fury-It's Only Make Believe, Fools Errand, A Thousand

***Byran Ferry-Don't Stop To Dance, Don't Worry Baby, Jealous Guy***

***Rolf Harris- 2 Little Boys

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Pistols History

Free-fers" continue. Steve talked about how he used to use
Aqua-Net to try and look like Rod Stewart but his hair was too
thick and wouldn't stay spiked. Also talked about the Pistols
beginnings before John joined & said that Wally Nightengale was
the Pete Best of the Sex Pistols. Paul Cook's 48th birthday today.***


***Rod Stewart & Faces-True Blue, Miss Juvie, Cindy Incidentally***

***Small Faces-Lazy Sunday, Itchycoo Park, ????***

***Doves-Poundin', ???, Caught By The River***

***Pretenders-The Phone Call,The Adultress,Space Invaders***

***Oasis-Roll With It, Supersonic, Champagne Supernova***

***Blur-Charmless Man, Song #2, Boys & Girls***

***Carl Wine-You're A Star***

Thursday, July 15, 2004


Three-fers" continue, including Sparks-Amateur Hour, This Town
Ain't Big For The Both Of Us, Mother Earth, T-Rex, The Smiths and
Sham 69. ***

***P.S. The Fox affiliate here in L.A. finally aired their piece
on "Jonesy's Jukebox" on the 10 p.m. news. The reporter talked a
little bit about the Pistols, interviewed a few 20something kids
coming out of Ameoba Records about the show, and talked to Jonesy
briefly about the show and, of course, mentioned the sex
shenanigans from back in the day. BTW, Steve looks good for 48,
he's put on a few pounds but he's not fat. And I think he looks
cute in his glasses!

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

2fer wednesday

A "Three-fer" Wednesday***

***Pistols-Problems,I Wanna Be Me, God Save The Queen***

***Sweet-Fox On The Run,A Piece Of The Action, Blockbuster***

***Ramones-I Don't Wanna Grow Up,The KKK Took My Baby Away, the
Blitzkrieg Bop***

***Slade-Get Down & Get With It,Them Kinda Monkeys Can't
Swing,Mama Weer All Crazy Now***

***Cliff Richard & The Shadows-Got A Funny Feeling, Summer
Holiday, Young Ones***

***Stooges-Down On The Street, No Fun, ????***

***Morrissey-Every Day Is Like Sunday, First Of The Gang To Die***

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Shovels Birthday

Today was a "3-fer Tuesday." Jonesy repeated the same songs he
played his first day on the air in Feb. Henry Rollins left some
Roxy Music bootlegs for him. It was Mr. Shovel's birthday today
and Jonesy got him a Professionals LP as a present.***

** **

***David Bowie- Jean Genie, Drive-In Saturday Night, Blue Jean***

***Elvis Costello-What's So Funny About Peace, Love &
Understandinng, ???, Oliver's Army***

***Prince-Never Take The Place Of Your Man, Dirty Mind, When You
Were Mine***

***New York Dolls-Subway Train, Mystery Girl, Bad Girl***

***Velvet Underground-Sunday Morning, Waiting For The Man, Sweet

***The Clash-Tommy Gun, Police On My Back, I Fought The Law***

***The Damned- Noise,Noise,Noise, A Dozen Birds, New Rose***

***Chuck Berry-My Ding-A-Ling***

Monday, July 12, 2004

Policemans whistle

Jonesy practiced footie this weekend & bought a "policeman's
whistle" from a British-themed store. Also discovered a transient
in the office building's restroom, and listed the jails he'd been
in as a teen-ager (Hammersmith, Shephard's Bush, Fulham, West End,

***Songs: (A Partial List)***

***Funkadelic-Who Says Funk Bands Can't Play Rock? ***

***George Clinton-Atomic Dog***

***Public Enemy-911 is a Joke***

***Freda Payne-Band of Gold***

***Paris Texas-Like You An Arsonist***

***Vacation-White Noise***

***Dandy Warhols-Used To Be Friends***

***Granddaddies- M-180 (from the "28 Days Later" Soundtrack)***

***Billy Fury-Fool's Errand***

***The 88- How Good It Feels***

***The Knack-That's What Little Girls Do

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Steve picked up a copy of L.A. Express-for the horoscopes, he
claimed. (LA Express is a free newspaper that has ads for escorts,
strippers, and "massage therapists.") Watched "Play Misty For Me"
last night and pined for a nice oceanside studio like Clint
Eastwood had in the movie, but joked he's stuck looking at "Mr.

** **

***Hedwig & Angry Inch-Tear Me Down***

***Dead Boys-All This Time***

***Flamin Groovies-Have You Seen My Baby?***

***Sonics-Have Love Will Travel***

***NY Dolls-Rock & Roll Nurse***

***New World- X***

***QOTSA- Track 9 from their 1st CD***


***Mott The Hoople-All The Young Dudes***

***Neil Young- Only Love Can Break Your Heart***

***Mazzy Star-Fade Into You***

***David Bowie-Lady Stardust***

***David Bowie-Hang On To Yourself***

***???- Teenage Rat Race***

***Dave Dee, Doozy Mick & Tich-Legend of Xanadu *

*The Only Ones-Another Girl, Another Planet*

*Max Romeo-Cracklin' Rosie *

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Songs included A Girl Like You by the Smithereens, Love Is Like
Oxygen-The Sweet, Car Trouble-Adam & The Ants, Bachelor Boy-Max
Romeo, I Don't Wanna Grow Up-The Ramones and Hot Child In The City
by Nick Gilder

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

*Jonesy went to Johnny Ramone's Fourth of July barbeque.
Johnny's doing fine, BTW. A fellow (forgot the name, sorry) from gave Steve an acoustic guitar. Steve played
acoustic versions of "Pretty Vacant" & "Bodies."***

***Songs ***

***Grand Funk-Some Kinda Wonderful***

***Stop-Pony Cub***

***Jeff Beck-Hi Ho Silver Lining***

***Killers-Change Your Mind***

***Decline Of British Sea Power-Carry On***

***Clash-I Fought The Law***

***Tommy Steele-Little White Ball***

***Phantom Planet-After Hours ***

***Pretty Things-The Sun***

***88-How Good It Can Be***

***Bob Marley-Stop That Train***

***David Bowie-I'm Afraid Of Americans***

***Peter Tosh-Legalize It***

***Iggy Pop-New Values***


***Sparklehorse-Most Beautiful Widow***


***Squeeze-This Summer***

***Go Home Productions-Day Tripper/The Way You Make Me Feel***

Friday, July 02, 2004

Marlon Brrando dies

Show started with a mini-tribute to Marlon Brando, who "kicked
the bucket" today. Says "Mr. Shovel", "He (Brando) did for acting
what the Pistols did for rock 'n' roll"***

***Guest: Vinne Jones***

***Songs: 1st Hour***

***David Bowie-The Man Who Sold The World***

***Cat Stevens-Oh Very Young***

***Mink Deville-Venus On Avenue D***

***Iggy Pop-Some Weird Sin***

***Dave Dee, Doozy Mick & Tich-Hold Tight***

***Ramones-Sheena Is A Punk Rocker***

***10cc-Rubber Bullets***

***Theme From "Sting Ray"***


***Velvet Underground-Rock 'N' Roll***

Thursday, July 01, 2004


So, Jonesy had his colonoscopy and is all healthy and
polyp-free. He had a pic of said test with him & joked he might
use it for his Xmas cards this year. He also mentioned he
celebrated his clean bill of health by having a burger and slice
of banana cream pie at the Apple Pan. The music editor of the LA
Weekly made a surprise visit to give Steve his "Best DJ" award. ***


***Flamin' Groovies-Teenage Head***

***Runaways- Cherry Bomb***

***Mink Deville-???***

***Status Quo-Caroline***

***Hot Chocolate-Everyone's A Winner***

***Iggy Pop-Tiny Girls***

***Motels-Total Control***

***Free-My Brother Jake***

***Vacation-Destitute & Prostitute***

***Big Audio Dynamite- Bottom Line***

***Peter Cook- Song from the movie "Bedazzled", didn't catch the

***Libertines-Time For Heroes***

***Amen Corner-If Paradise Is Half As Nice***

***Go Home Productions-Mash-up- Ray Of Light/Pretty Vacant ***

***Franz Ferdinand-Cheatin On You***

***"Some French Guy"- Concertina version of Anarchy in the U.K.***

***Mike Oldfield-Tubular Bells ***

*** Interesting thread from The Velvet Rope re Indie-Read the
"Ameobala" post