Monday, June 27, 2011

June 26th Playlist

"How can they sting you , im doing 70 mph ?"
"I smell like honey , mental"
"Its brand stinking, spanking new "
"He didnt produce this like he produced the Arctic Monkeys"
"Just tonight ? i thought i was funny every night"
"One of my all time favorite bands.. not really"
"Shaking it all around with no rythmn"
"Tally ho lets get the little blighter, i say ,hard cheese"
"All the elements of a good pop song but nobody plays it"
"I thought it was one long song from the Givers"
"Your laugh sounds like a machine gun with a silencer"
"Some trees only get sick a little bit"
"I met her on a corner gave her a t-shirt and vroom i was gone"
"I already spent a fortune on tshirts im not going to spend
any more on postage"
"Way too many dudes"
"Next Sunday at 12 .. no wait 7"
( Dum Dum Girls first next week :-) )

Kasabian – Switchblade Smiles (Sony Music Entertainment)
Boots Electric – Boots Electric Theme (Dangerbird)
Detroit Cobras – Heartbeat (Fantasy Records)
Making Friendz – Situation (Last Summer Records)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – How Can You Luv Me (Fat Possum
Miles Kane – Rearrange (Sony Music Entertainment)
Interpol – Try It On [Salem Remix] (Matador)
Best Coast – Over The Ocean [itunes Session] (Mexican Summer)
Arctic Monkeys – Suck It And See (Domino)
Centro-Matic – Only In My Double Mind (Undertow Music Collective)
Volbeat – Soulweeper (Mascot)
Andy Clockwise – Let Them Eat Cake, To Many Fatties On The Dancefloor (PID)
Royal Bangs – Back When It Was Different (Glassnote)
Airborne Toxic Event – Numb (Majordomo Records)
Tally Hall – You And Me (Quack Media)
Apex Manor – Under The Gun (Merge)
Givers – Up Up Up (Glassnote)
Wonderful – Rainbow Colors (Wonderful)
Henry Clay People – California Wildfire (TBD Wildfire)
Death Cab For Cutie – Under The Sycamore Tree (Atlantic Records)
My Morning Jacket – The Day Is Coming (ATO Records)
Sleepy Sun – Toys (ATP Recordings)

Monday, June 20, 2011

June 19th Playlist

"its good to be heard and not seen, i can be as fat as i want and no one give s a hootenanny. Until i see a picture of myself and then im like "What happened ?" "
"You know what the answer is when you cant do your laces, you get shoes without laces, slip ons. Im just a fat American"
"You are listening to the lovely,wonderful,gorgeous Jonesys Jukebox on the lovely,wonderful,gorgeous KROQ"
"Theres Too many fat Jonesys on the dance floor"
"Thats the Australian little cuddly things?. You know they stink"
"Maybe that was just a tramp one"
"Thats to all the car crashes thats happened today in Los Angeles and im sure there are a few"
"Do you know what treacle is? "
"It was absolutely fandabbydozi"
"Im a bounder for adventure but i do like a little backup"
"you know i really wish i had studied when i was a kid, but i just sat at the back and daydreamed about being in a rock and roll band and never bothered to learn a thing"
( I cant even write down how he mispronounced Foals. Like Fowls)
"Steve Dorian Gray Jones"
"Im from another galaxy"
"Maybe cults are many horses"
"I insist you listen to Jonesys Jukebox"
"Im just painting a picture"
"I like keeping my natural oils on me"
"Not a bad version, Well Done Girls,. I dont think your Dum Dum at all"
"Sleepy Sun . Loved that song . It was like that Kansas song. About 12 different parts , a good one if youve got the bong out" "Carry on wayward son?" "Thats the one"
"Although im not accepting blokes just birds right now,too many blokes. But i tell you what fellas you can friend me on MySpace"
Fitz and the Tantrums – Don’t Gotta Work It Out (Dangerbir
Sleeper Agent – Get It Daddy (Mom + Pop)
Andy Clockwise – Let Them Eat Cake, To Many Fatties On The Dancefloor (PID)
Le Butcherettes – Henry Don’t Got Love (Rodriguez Lopez Productions)
Miles Kane – Quicksand (Sony Music Entertainment)
Wombats – Last Night I Dreamt (Bright Antenna)
Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know (Glassnote)
Telekinesis – Car Crash (Merge)
Arctic Monkeys – Black Treacle (Domino)
Sam Roberts Band – Without A Map (Rounder / UMGD)
Okkervil River – White Shadow Waltz (Jagjaguwar)
Royal Bangs – Back When It Was Different (Glassnote)
The Chapel Club – Surfacing (Polydor UK)
TV On The Radio – Will Do (DGC Records)
Airborne Toxic Event – Numb (Majordomo Records)
Foals – Black And Gold (Sub Pop)
Death Cab For Cutie – Codes And Keys Morning (Atlantic Records)
Best Coast – Over The Ocean [itunes Session] (Mexican Summer)
Cults – Abducted (ITNO/Columbia)
Sleepy Sun – Toys (ATP Recordings)
Warpaint – Shadows (Rough Trade)
Dum Dum Girls – There’s A Light That Never Goes Out (Sub Pop)
Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi – Season’s Trees (Capitol)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New template

I am going to press the new template button on blogspot so if this all disappears its been fun ....sometimes.
June 18 th . Almost all working. Screwed up marking of Jades comments from 2004/2005. Not sure how to fix that without a lot of editing    FIXED

Monday, June 13, 2011

June 12th playlist

"I want it 75 everyday till the end of my life evan at night"
"Talking about suns how's Hon St Tom"
"I dont have an obsession i hate washing"
"I was down there eating today and they were all down there in their chaps"
"I like all that echo echo echo echo"
"Echo and nivea"
"Im not going to look foolish because you said something on a whim"
( Turns out later it was wrong )
".. what do you call it here. not signing on ... welfare"
"Weve got nothing better to do when the songs are playing so we're train spotting"
"Im getting tired of Los Angelees, Too many people ... roads all smashed up no money to pay for them"
"You are listening , You have been listening ,You will always listen"
"See how it all makes sense ... well that one doesnt make sense"
"Im full , ill only add you if you're a bird and ill get rid of the blokes"
"But im on twitter you can follow me there fellas"
"And im on myspace oooohh with all them bands"
"I started a fan page but i messed it up"

Active Child – When Your Love Is Safe (Filter US Recordings)
Friendly Fires – Blue Cassette (XL Recordings)
Foster The People – I Would Do Anything For You (Sony Music Entertainment)
Paper Cuts – Do You Really Wanna Know (Sub Pop)
Million Young – Cosmonaut (Rix Records / Old Flame Recordings)
Arctic Monkeys – Suck It And See (Domino)
Apex Manor – Under The Gun (Merge)
Volbeat – Soulweeper #2 (Mascot)
Hospital Ships – Reprise (GraveLLC)
Givers – Meantime (Glassnote)
Death Cab For Cutie – Monday Morning (Atlantic Records)
The Antlers – No Widows (Frenchkiss)
Genuflex – Soul Love (Manimal Vinyl Records)
My Morning Jacket – Outta My System (ATO Records)
Dent May – I’m An Alcoholic (Paw Tracks)
Bon Iver – Calgary (Jagjaguwar0)
City And Colour – Little Hell (Vagrant)
Superhumanoids – Mikelah (Hit City USA)
Beirut – East Harlem (Pompei Records)
Wye Oak – The Alter (Merge)
The Raveonettes – My Time’s Up (Vice Music)
The One AM Radio – In A City Without Seasons (Dangerbird)
Lake – One Small Step (K Records)
Cat’s Eyes – I Knew It Was Over (V2 Records)

Monday, June 06, 2011

5th June Playlist

"Hon St Tom, tottering the knobs"
"Was it a fiasco , a scene ?"
"This is track 9, is it track 9 ?" "6" "Thats what i said its 9 upside down"
"I didnt have schooling"
"Im the man before the moment , Just trying to help you out kids"
"I hope she aint on the phone she has a nice head"
"Thomas St Hon"
"Are you verified?. My self esteem feels very good having that little tick"
"Do you like the hippopotamuses in the background ?"
"That does help, having a good song"
"My driver drives a prius"
"Its got 95,000 miles on it"
"I might get a Ford Transit , put a bike and a mattress in it"
"It looks like a molesters van"
". and no one else is on MySpace. Its like a wasteland of nothingness

The posted playlist was just the same as May 22nd.

This one started;
Arctic Monkeys
then the rest