Monday, November 29, 2004

Jonesy related a funny story about the time he tried Viagra. He
took it to see what would happen. Drove to a restaurant in his
pick-up truck and all of a sudden, the Viagra took effect. "I had
to leave me jacket done up"in the restaurant, Jonesy said. He
played footie over the weekend, and hit a post with his car while
in the Tower Video parking lot.

Songs included:
Clarence Carter-Patches (The saddest song ever, sez Steve, like
"Alone Again Naturally." He said he might do a "sad sack"Top 10.")
Features-Blow It Out
Head Automatica-Bleeding Heart Baby
Dawn Penn-No,No,No
Elliot Smith-Pretty(Ugly Before)
Daft Punk-Around The World
Toots & The Maytals-5446 Was My Number
Johnny Thunders-Daddy Rolling Stone (Jonesy,Steve Marriot & Phil
Lynott played on the track)

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