Friday, January 14, 2005


Steve got a massage from a real massage therapist yesterday, & she
thanked him for not trying any "funny business." He slept like a
baby afterward, he reported.

Guest: Rick Rubin. Rick played a song by John Frusciante that was
supposed to be on the "Brown Bunny" soundtrack, & some rap, talked
about the new albums he's producing (System Of A Down, etc.) and
is no longer a vegan. He and Jonesy are teetotalers, but Mr.
Shovel is still into the coffee thing. The Johnny Ramone memorial
is this afternoon at Hollywood Forever cemetery. Rick talked about
how Johnny and Joey worked together for but didn't talk to each
other for years.

Songs included:

Klaus Nomi-Can't Help Falling In Love
Klaus Nomi was a New York performance artist. in the late '70s and
early '80s. He appeared on SNL with David Bowie. More about him
Hot Chocolate-Emily
David Bowie-White Light, White Heat (Steve advises young bands to
learn the song. "It just plays itself," he says.)
Features-Blow It Out

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