Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Stop THinking

"Have you ever stopped thinking?" Jonesy asks Mr. Shovel. "You're
sure you're not on any new medication?,"asks Mr. S. Jonesy went to
hear Eno and some other bloke give a lecture last night, where
they talked about "bloody relativity and Einstein." So what did
Jonesy learn? "I learned I get hungry listening to people speak
for two hours. My mind drifts when I listen to people speak for
two hours and I think about sex and food." I "was gonna be Pope,
but they gave it to some German geezer" Jonesy sings in his
closing tune.

Songs included:

John Sebastian-Welcome Back Kotter
Stephen Bishop-On And On*
Danzig-Twist of Cain* (Ed. note-where else can you hear these two
songs one right after the other? Brillant.)
The Who-My Wife
"French bloke"-Anarchy in the UK
Keith Richard-Take It So Hard
Rupert Holmes-Escape(Pina Colada Song)
Helen Reddy-I Am Woman ("Women don't roar, they scream,"sez
Jonesy. "oh you're really scoring points now," sez Mr. S. "I'm
only joking. They know I'm joking!!" sez Jonesy.)
Queen-Lily Of The Valley/Now I'm Here

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