Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jah Wobble

Great stories , Great guest.

First PiL album was first recording.

Also tied together story that McLaren had told re Westwood wanting Vicious to be Pistols singer not Lydon. Jah talked about Sid being really dissappointed when he found out Lydon was singer. A lot of punk history casually being put together on Indie :-)
Just like when Scabies was in the first time and they started talking about the tour they were on and finally managed to sort out the stories.

PiL on American Bandstand. Jah Wobble in medical room for exhaustion. Casey Kasem looking like he was painted. Didnt know who he was. Though he was in danger of "molestation" . . "Let me get on the drums as i played the drums on that track anyway. John making everyone uncomfortable." Steve " the paid extras just didnt know what was going on"

Live acoustic "No,No,No"

Steve " i might come down tonight. Any crumpet ? "
Jah " Only me. Turn out the lights and its all the same "
Both laugh.

Live one of the folk songs they are doing on tour. ( "A blacksmith courted me" )

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