Friday, February 24, 2006

"We're not coming"

"We're not coming . We're not your monkey and so what ?"

"Were not going to the museum,
You can shove it, You can have it,
Were not going to the famous , the famous, famous
that blew out the candles on the last flame of the famous museum,

Were not going to roll over just yet, and take it up the .. behind,
You know what i am talking about.. Jimmy would be proud
coming to get you , roll over, let Johnny take over.

We don't want you, we're already famous without you telling us
that we are famous. Do you understand ?"
You're all idiots , you probably couldn't name one song on Never
Mind the Bollocks. You do understand dont you,Its not personal.

Idiots, Fools, Jacobites and mancheefrills"

Lyrics Steve Jones

With subtle lyric change to know if this gets copied :-)

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