Monday, March 20, 2006


Monday : The 'New' Cars
( 3 live songs including a song by The Call "The Walls came down" , a band i had really forgotten about. Great Stuff !!)

Tuesday: Sparks
( 2 days in a row with guests turning up. Again live songs. )

Wednesday: Chrissie Hynde
( Chrissie was there and on fine form. Lots of memories that Steve cannot remember.)
Rosanna Arquette turned up as well.

Thursday or Friday: Julien Temple
Steve Jones doing Joe Strummer impersonation talking to Julien Temple.

Maybe another go with Burt Bacharach as well.
Burt , activist and agitator, was in Friday. Very good with a viewpoint that needs expressing more often in the media.


fndsh1 said...

Jonesy! Me needs my Sparks now! Just can't wait! Oh--and thanx so much for the Eno!!! LA Radio needs more shows like yours.

Scottish Toodler said...

I cannot believe this shit with Dicky! And not a peep??? No one is talking about it??? I have only been hearing bits of the box-- has Jonesy mentioned it at all???