Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Changes coming at Indie

From Henry Rollins
AIR DATE: 09-23-08

Greetings Fanatics! Welcome to our last Tuesday night show. Please make note that the next show will be on Saturday October 4th from 8 to 10 pm. Same time, different night. I know that this time slot wipes out so many of you as far as listening opportunity. It’s the weekend and I know you have other things to do, it’s ok. Perhaps you can listen on re-broadcast or surf around on the internet and see if you can find some kind of Rollins Archive or something. The movers and shakers at Indie 103 made some changes and not all of us made the cut. Thankfully, our show survived the shake up and we’re still here for now. Who knows what the future will hold? I must say, the time change is a blow to my morale. Our slot will be taken up by more “normal” programming I think. Indie has been really, I mean really good to me so I can’t complain, I am happy that we have a show at all but I know full well that many of you will not be able to listen as the weekend has its priorities

Complete Control moves to 10-12 Saturday . Looks like 10 pm Friday to 2am Monday morning is where all the actual Indie shows have been punted too. Unless things have changed in other shows as well.

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