Monday, November 03, 2008

Guests: The Last Shadow Puppets

"What was i holding in my left hand on stage?"
"What age was the lady?"
"Where were we standing?"
"What had i just eaten?"

(Answers: Bra , 35 , in front of a deli, Chicken noodle soup )

"make a sign"
"im 22 . anywhere in around that 18 - 26"
"just fit you know. Get the whales back"
"real cushions" "It had been worn a lot"

"Do you wear stage clobber" "its getting laundered now"
"It looks great. The pair of little puppets there"

"The last show of the Last shadow puppets on this tour"

"Tony Christies just done a version of that"


"you need a kip"

Live Songs;
"Johnny remember me" acappella

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