Thursday, January 15, 2009

Steves Statement

Via Randall Roberts at LA LINK
"I want to thank everybody for listening to the show and supporting the station," says JONES. "It was an experience I truly enjoyed and the support I got from my fans and artists who came on the show was just incredible. I'd like to think we broke some rules and that everyone had a bloody good time. Thanks for listening."


Jim said...

this sucks..... i now hate my radio

The Alan Heitz Show said...

Hey Stuart...

Great chatting with you at times. They went "online" yet removed their online department, which was just me... go figure. It's all Entravision now.

Chuck P is at the helm putting songs in the "online system." He's pretty much the only person left. And Joe Escalante will be doing Barely Legal tomorrow, so, I wonder how that's going to go.

Stuart said...

You always helped out , the cheesey morning show skits could have been better :-)

Went to see The Dwarves play in Long Beach tonight to get some of the anger out and i dont think it quite worked.

We should be lucky it even lasted 5 years, who would have thought that long,in this void of entertainment where the options are nothing.

How can survive and no one in LA has the Huevos to do the same.

Chris was Anon said...

Sorry to find out about this Stuart MM. Thanks for all your help also and your support and for keeping this whole thing going. I enjoyed my part of it just as much.

Good luck!